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How to increase impressions? Any suggestions?


I’d also like to understand this a bit more. I’ve had a gig up for a day and another one up for about a month or so and they have 0 and 5 impressions which seems crazy low to me. The gig I posted yesterday doesn’t seem to have as much competition in the buyers area but I also can’t find it when I search for the keywords I used, maybe cuz my account is only 3 months old? Very lost…

@maxtiplax Please change the category your post is in by using the little :pencil2:. You can move it to Improve My Gig or the Conversation category.

Tips for Sellers is for experienced sellers to make posts giving tips to new sellers.

If you do not change the category, your post could be flagged, and a mod would remove it.

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Wow, @maxtiplax you are fast! I wish I could help you to increase you impressions. But I do not know how either.

I do know new sellers get more front page exposure for a few weeks and I assume more impressions during that time. If their gigs do not sell much their gig placement goes down.