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Fiverr impressions are not increasing from few days ! please help!


Hello everyone, few days back suddenly i noticed that my active gig stopped getting impressions from fiverr.

At starting, within 5-10 days i got 14k impressions and 30+ orders. But now neither impressions are increasing nor orders. I submitted a ticket to fiverr support team and they said this is not a problem from our side.

What i have to do now? Please help.


Why not do a forum search, and read some of the discussions about what “impression” means and whether or not it’s important, how to make sales, how to optimize gigs, why have my sales dropped, or any other topic you’d like. Or just read through some of the excellent, helpful posts written to help sellers in the Tips for Sellers and Fiverr FAQ forums.

And the other thing you should do now is learn patience. You’ve only been on Fiverr for 1 month.


Thank you for your helpful reply @celticmoon

I will surely do a form research on mentioned topic. I’m new here so i was unaware about such topics and form discussions.

Many thanks again for your help !!


I have face same problem for last 1 month my impression 23000k to drop 10000k its very bad I do not understand why this is happen not get any enquiry. :((