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Fiverr in 2020 - What you want for improvement?

What do you want to see in Fiverr in year 2020 for both Sellers and Buyers?
For me, I would want the “cancellation of order” if agreed by both parties not to affect the seller’s portfolio.
And also set a “working hours” for sellers, this way will not affected our response rate if the question was sent to us when we are sleeping.


I’d like what you suggested and more seller levels with the ability to easily create more gigs per level, even if not all of them were active. Maybe changes to the evaluation requirements. The option to allow some gigs to be able to be purchased only through offers (eg. for the buyer request page or other custom offers). More analytics stats and earnings related info for analysis. The ability to see buyer requests for categories you haven’t created a gig in yet. Maybe gigs in a “test” more that don’t work the same way as normal gigs. Lots more options and info. More customisation/options in the gig requirements section (eg. specific questions related to the package selected or a question that only shows if a purchased package contains a field with a particular value).


I agree.
I also want a confirmation from the seller before buyer buys a gig. It reduces unnecessary sale that ultimately affects the performance of the seller.


Yup this would be neat. As someone who gets only a few orders every now and then, this is the one stat that gets hammered for me. Some of my orders come in at 12/1am and by the time the school run is done in the morning, I’m not getting back to these customers until 9/10 hours later. Sometimes a lot more if I’ve had to have an early night.


The ONLY thing that I hate with this platform is Buyer Requests.
I mean the algorithm used in buyer requests or what ever. :roll_eyes:

  • The buyers should have an option (a filter) to select seller levels when they are looking at the offers that they received.

  • FIVERR’s algorithms have to be updated to identify the sellers who are using templates in their offers.

When a buyer posted a request,the sellers like those start to be FLASHs(I think you probably have watched at least 1 series)and sends their templates like crazy.And after receiving about 50-80 request buyer remove the request(or after passing the limit it removes automatically)
So the ACTUAL SELLERS won’t able to send their request regarded unique offer :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.And the buyer went off the platform after seeing a lot of templates rather than a proper offer regarded to his request :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

That’s all about buyer requests.


Absolutely I don’t like this interface.I don’t know how about others()and I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
But I prefer a interface with some icons(LIKE THE OLD ONE)

So how about you!
What type of user interface you like?Reply me below. :wink: :wink:


It is one of the worst thing. I only look at these whenever I feel insecure due to no order or order in process.
It is almost sending the lowest quote without knowing the complete requirement of the buyer.


I’m afraid I have to disagree. :neutral_face:

If sellers have no consequences for canceling orders, then they will cancel orders whenever they suspect they will not get a 5 :star: review. That is why Fiverr instituted this rule. Too many sellers had all 5 :star: reviews, and that was misleading to the buyers.

As it is Fiverr gives us 24 hours to respond to a message before it counts against our response rate. I sleep 9 hours, I log in an hour after I wake up, and I log off an hour or two before I go to bed, so; basically, I am online 12 hours. My response time also remains at 1 hour. :blush:

However, even with the 24 hours Fiverr allows us, it would be nice to take an OOO day on the weekends and not disappear from the search results. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fiverr is founded on being a place where the buyer can find a gig they like and order it without having to talk to the seller. That is what makes it unique from other platforms. Although, I would like Fiverr to not count the “by mistake” orders against us.


Yes, people forget that this is a marketplace.


Blocked buyers should not be able to buy from you. It’s very frustrating to wake up to an order from someone you’ve blocked. Twice. And cancelling those orders should not impact your ratings since those buyers shouldn’t even be able to place one in the first place.


Yeah, That’s true.I`d agree with that.@vince007


I would like to see an auto charge feature for revisions. There are sellers that charge for extra revisions once the free ones are used up but some buyers keep requesting revisions but aren’t charged for them.

A revamp of Buyers Request with room and features for buyers to spell out what it is they’re looking for plus a dedicated image/doc viewer so we’re not having to download attachments. Plus the ability to view all requests like it was back in the day before the change.

Better charge back protections would be nice. Even if you can’t prevent them, there should be a way to stop it from auto clearing; like a confirmation code of sorts after order is marked complete.

A universal clock on the order page so both buyer and seller can see how much time is left till order is complete.

Consistent support responses for site inquiries and issues.

  • Funds clear to our seller account instantly after buyers mark the order completed.
  • dark mode for mobile app and website.
  • a better design of gig page, make it more personalised like we can put our own profile cover, etc.
  • seller proftolio page available on their mobile app.
  • fiverr desktop client app?
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

I agree with @chrisdata. A dark mode of fiverr app is necessary for people(specially Asians) like me when using the app in night. :sleeping: :sleeping:

Yeah it would be easy to have a desktop app for using fiverr rather than using the website. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good Improvement as well soon .


My Gig clearly states course designing. I keep on getting orders for Logo design. I have to ask the CS to cancel the order - what I lose is my ranking and Gig impressions. I lose my reputation as well for something for which I am not responsible.


Ah good point on Response rate, I misread the OP’s post. My response rate is 100%. I was referring to the “Avg. Response Time”, I’m curious how yours remains at 1 hour even if you take 9 hours + to respond to someone sometimes…

Edit: meant to add this as I thought it an interesting point.

I agree however can see it from the point of view of what @chiradip_b said. If we take it back to pre-“gig economy” or platform based freelancing or even bricks and mortar small business, I couldn’t walk into a design company and order something without consulting them, and I certainly couldn’t order a print design from a company that only does web design and then cancel or give them a bad review which in turn impacts their future prospects, which is essentially what can happen here.

Anyway, it’s a different world we live in now, better in some ways, and less fair in other ways -much more unforgiving. I shudder to think of the day someone orders something done in a Russian or German accent from me, just because they assume I can do it. My Russian is about as good as Walter Koenig’s! :smiley:


I think, Fiverr Search, Gig rotation should be improved. ! It’s currently not working after 21 page or more.


It would better if we got the desktop client app in the new year. I also expect the instant fund clearance system.


My marketplace point has nothing at all to do with what people sell. It’s irrelevant.

What I’m saying is that marketplaces don’t run like bidding sites, job agencies or anything else. In a marketplace, people buy what they want when they want without vetting.


I found bug - Fiverr search is not working after 25- or 30 page search.