Fiverr IN box


I haven’t A unread messages in the inbox , But indicate have messages…


Hi. Same thing for me, i’m new here over 2 weeks now and for one week and a half I have the same problem.



Someone needs to report you. Having a top rated seller badge is completely DIShonest.

No wonder you’re not getting many orders. I hope you get your IP address banned.

And writing that Fiverr will REMOVE negative feedback on your gig is disgusting. Who do you think you are? Shameful. I would never order a gig from one such as you.


Reply to @merileep:

That’s very rude of you to comment, in my opinion… this seller is simply pointing out a bug on the site, and you just slam him out of the blue? And where does he say that Fiverr will remove negative feedback on his gig? He’s messaging someone to ask to remove the negative feedback on one of his gigs… besides, it’s cut off, so we have no idea how the conversation went. There has been times where sellers have asked buyers to remove negative feedback due to a misunderstanding, or times where they have to ask Fiverr to do so if they felt like the negative feedback wasn’t just.

I do agree, having the top rated seller badge as a profile pic is misleading, but the matter of fact is that you don’t have to slam someone when their post had nothing to do with you.


@merileep don’t be jealous he gets a lot of orders. He just using tricks which will catch up with him :slight_smile:


I agree. This should not be allowed.

@sincerelymegan - In his gig description on his actual gigs it states something like: " If you leave negative feedback Fiverr customer support will remove it ".

Basically saying if you don’t like my service you better not leave negative feedback or else. Just check his gigs and you’ll see it.

For me it’s not a big deal. But for anyone who cares about your rank think about this.

Only a teeny tiny fraction of people who browse Fiverr come to these forums.

So, unlike us, they don’t understand everything.

So they’ll see “Top Rated Seller” and order. Then, if something goes wrong they’ll think he was a TRS. If they think that “He” was a Top Rated Seller and they got bad service do you think they’ll ever come back to Fiverr? They don’t realize he did that himself. So you’ve basically just given away a potential customer that will never return. Not to mention the fact that they’ll read his description and may think there’s nothing they can do about it.

So this one person who thought it was cool to post that as his profile picture and add that description to his gig costs a lot of potential sales to those of us who work hard… and it’s even worse for “Real” Top rated sellers because they’ll never trust that badge again.


Maybe it’s the impending ghost mail you’ll soon get from fiverr support for breaking the terms of use by misleading and threatening your buyers with false information :-"

This is simply a glitch and no need to worry. I once had the same situation and the CS corrected it ;) Give it some time and it'll get back to normal. Good luck!