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Fiverr Inbox not displaying properly in Chrome


Fiverr Inbox not displaying properly in Chrome (see image). After that Fiverr pages do not load at all.


Try opening that in incognito , I am not facing the same issue when using chrome.

Please check if internet data renderimg speed is low.


Sometimes, that can happen if the script doesn’t load properly/completely. Did you try refreshing the page? Just hit the refresh button on google chrome or press the F5 key. It should hopefully be okay.

It is not an error or a bug per se, It can sometimes… just… randomly happen.


Thanks. Yes, you’re right, it works fine in incognito mode. I’ll investigate data rendering speed.


Thanks for feedback. Yes, I tried to refresh but still no luck. I’ll try again later, and in the meantime, at least I can access it in incognito mode.


If you have the Adblock Plus extension, you might consider disabling it for now on Fiverr - it appears that extension is having technical problems today (I’ve been seeing the same thing until I disabled Adblock, which rendered Fiverr incomplete or won’t load it) - so it might just be an extension problem if the Incognito mode works :wink:


open it chrome… and try to hard refresh… crtl+shift+r then ctrl+F5


in opera too, it keeps showing notification there are message unread, even though all messages have been read, I’m afraid it will affect to the respond time rate, hard refresh several time and still the same