Fiverr Inbox, would like Starred + Unread messages


I have 70 messages in my inbox. I star some of them, but now my starred messages are getting hard to track, so it would be cool if Fiverr can offer a search for the inbox to find unread messages that we have previously starred.

That would be awesome.



This would work well.


FWIW, I archive ALL mail once I have replied to it - if it needs attention, then the system will unarchive the reply and put it back in your inbox for your attention.

Unfortunately, if you have mail in your inbox from someone who is no longer a member on fiverrr, it’s there forever :-(( You can’t even open it. CS can’t even remove them, the emails from hell :slight_smile:

Just an ordinary webmail system is all that is needed - we’ve had them for 20 years -definitely NOT rocket science ! /rant