Fiverr inbox


hi guys, did fiverr change their buyers request setting? every time i send my gig and after it said

that its been successfully submitted, it always appear on my inbox… now it no longer does…

i think it started 2 days ago… did this happen to you as well?


@pierfver, I’m having the same problem. I want to follow up with more info but there is no original contact in my inbox. I contacted CS and am waiting for a response.



Reply to @anigrams: i guess its just a glitch on fiverr system or because its holiday, let me know when they respond.



Its not a glitch or bug. Fiverr in all their infinite wisdom changed their system.

"Thank you for contacting us about this. Gig Requests are no longer managed through conversations and you won’t be able to contact your Buyer at this point. They received your offer and they can choose to contact you or order your Gig through their Request page."

I will be following up with CS to let them know how I feel about this idiotic change that keeps Sellers from communicating with potential Buyers before they place a gig order. I predict a wave of Mutual Cancellations.


Reply to @anigrams: thats not good, thats horrible, most of my orders where made after i communicated with the buyer. let me know what they said after.