Fiverr Inbox


I apologize if this has been asked before, but I have been having some trouble finding the ‘delete message’ option in my inbox. It would be great if someone could help out. Thanks!


Not possible


It is not available…


On the conversation page, at the very top, there are 3 options: Star • Archive • Unread •

Choose Archive. The conversation will be moved to the Archived folder, and at some point it’s automatically removed. That’s the closest thing you can do ;:wink:


You can’t delete your messages. :slight_smile:


you can’t delete them and I think there is one good reason for this. To stop people abusing the messaging system, swapping contact info, then burying the evidence from support and moderators.


Well i must confess i looked up on heaven and earth fot=r the delete button, cos my messags were just to much, thanx anyway.


Okay, thanks for the quick responses everyone.

Question answered!


Archive is the way, as stated above. Hides it and you don’t see it anymore.