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Fiverr INCOME temporarily disabled [MOVED]

a week ago I can not withdraw my winnings from fiverr and got in contact Customer Service who calls Jacky she answered me 2 times something that does not help me solve my problem and already has 24 hours unresponsive me and I have a lot of money in my fiverr fear of losing the service clinete says it was an order by a buyer talk to support fiverr against me but not if the buyer was a con because the frame 5 star and after one month wanted to cancel the order to get a refund and customer care and not pay attention to me HELP

I cannot understand all of your English, please use punctuation. But it sounds like you are saying that a buyer complained to Fiverr about you one month after the gig was complete and that Fiverr is refunding the money? That means it could come out of your account, but until they investigate it or process it, they can put the money on hold.

ALso, give it more than 24 hours to receive a reply. Sometimes it takes customer service a few days to respond.

What kind of gigs did you sell?

hahaha… no comma, no point. me too dont understand

I like how you term your earnings as winnings. Other than that… I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say… Please rephrase…

help me with this question attempt to remove my gain fiverr but I can not say : Withdrawals are temporarily disabled for this account. Our team is working hard to get it fixed as Quickly as possible. Sorry for the disturbances. Do you think this can be solved or have ever happened to you how long it takes this into repaired