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Fiverr Initial Public Offering

Congratulations to Fiverr on this massive milestone!! Perhaps consider distributing some shares to early sellers who have been with you since start up in 2010 and still selling as of now?


It doesn’t work that way. You can buy the shares. They are not given away. That’s like saying why not give sellers money for no reason.

Or they could distribute shares to all sellers. :slight_smile:

Sellers are not even employees. We have no connection at all to fiverr aside from using their site. We should be happy if fiverr lets us use their site at all.


Come on, you make it sound like sellers are nothing to Fiverr. IT IS SELLERS that make fiverr what it is today, especially the early ones like myself when the site is still a start up. That was a make or break period, and we MADE IT.

We aren’t employees is what I meant. And we are now replaceable or most of us are. Those early days are gone. The subject I was referring to is the comment we should be given shares of stock.

If some sellers want to keep the illusion of how important we sellers are to fiverr that’s ok with me. I mean as individuals. I doubt if anyone at fiverr feels too badly when a seller leaves. Or maybe for all I know fiverr employees weep and wring their hands at every seller who leaves. Who knows?

I understand how much the site and the employees mean to fiverr, which is quite a lot. We are neither of those things. We are independent workers.

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