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Fiverr International - Language Settings

I’m from the UK but moved to Amsterdam last year. I don’t speak great Dutch, so Fiverr has been an awesome channel for me to continue freelancing in English. Thanks guys!

Recently, on the site, some very handy settings were launched to switch to the local language and currency, so in Amsterdam, by default I see the site in Dutch and the prices in Euros.

Whilst this is a great opportunity to practice a little Dutch every day, I would still like to work on the site in English. So, every time I come to Fiverr I have to scroll to the bottom and click “English” before I can properly use the site. It’s only a small action but it’s multiple times per day.

Would it be possible to add a cookie or a profile setting so that my language option is saved? Or am I missing something and this already exists?


I would love to know about this too! I´m doing the same thing - changing it manually every time I access the site.

This is SO annoying! I speak spanish but the translation in the site is so bad I rather see in english, but I can’t change it anymore, I used to do it manually everytime but now I just can’t, it’s by default or something.

I am on the same boat. I hate seeing my gigs translated in horrible Spanish. Can’t anyone out there address this issue immediately?