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Fiverr interruptions

It’s not working yet, It’s showing the same error (Something went wrong…) :pensive::sob:

Hi, i still can’t send any message to my client on the order page.
He has placed an order but i can’t reply him. :sleepy:
There’s still error… :sleepy:

Oooh, I don’t know that it’s a global problem. I thought there’s something wrong with my account. Thank you very much!

Mine’s not working yet, so I think I should wait for a while, yes?

Delivery is now not working.

It is telling me I have to attach a source file to proceed but no source file uploader button to be seen

Fiverr is broken right now and my orders are close to deadline

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same here with upload buttons. everything with deliveries was fixed couple of hours ago but now it started again and “upload work” buttons disappeared again in the deliveries.

I second that.


I would add that Revenues and Gigs pages are also in the eternal loading mode.
The biggest problem is the absence of Upload button, which makes it impossible to deliver any order…

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I can’t attach any files (both to deliveries or messages). The option is just gone.

UPD After pressing the deliver button for a dozen of times in frustration I just managed to upload the files. Thankfully, I don’t need to deliver anything else urgently.


These things happen.

Same is happening to me, tried 3 different browsers and my mobile connection too with no luck, i need to deliver…i guess i am not the only one.

The real problem is that we would have late deliveries :frowning:

Still not working and few hours are already passed, I can’t attach any file to the delivery and I think that my one of my buyer has the same issue too as I can’t see any file attached to his order.


I’m still experiencing the same issue. If I try to deliver an order it bounces to the message page.

Also, my messaging isn’t working.

Can you guys please, sort this out!

Exactly the same for me, it “loops” to the inbox…it is a shame that late delivery rates can increase for us.

I need to take some sleep and cannot be awake all night waiting for this to be solved, I waited like 2 hours for this to be fixed and i am pretty sure i will wake up with LATE orders…if a change needs to be done it will impact on my daywork

Contact CS and they’d help you with regards to late deliveries.

Still experiencing inbox issues. Haven’t been able to reply for almost 16 hours now, multiple messages going late.


Same issue, Redirecting me in inbox.

I coudn’t find buyer request

I am still having issues delivering orders. Also viewing conversations is a problem. When will this issue be fully resolved?

I only have 23 hours to complete the order, and now I can’t chat with customers. What should I do Fiverr ??

Have you all tried a different browser?

I’m fine in Chrome.

Are deliveries going through with no problems?

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