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Fiverr intro videos are useless for most of the niches!


I have observed that people have stopped using fiverr intro videos…they don’t make any special difference. The thing that only matter is your service quality.


Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to contradict you there.

When I buy a service, I would rather see the person I’ll be working with present their service and convince me to make a purchase. This way I see the way they talk, how their English is (I’ve had several bad experiences with people who couldn’t compose a proper sentence in English, or who were using GoogleTranslate, which made things even worse), etc.

And I know that there are plenty buyers who would rather buy a service with a video of the seller instead of a flashy animation that may not even be theirs.

Also, a video allows you to present more of your portfolio, and can be combined with a presentation of you speaking before showing a portfolio sample, getting the best out of both worlds.

P.S. people will always be attracted by faces, by other people - it’s in our human nature.


Although I don’t personally introduce my gig (which I should) I’ve noticed some fairly successful sellers (2) in my niche do so.

In conclusion, although I don’t introduce myself, I would really recommend doing so.


Yes, that’s a contradictory statement but I rather be honest with you than stick up for something I should really be doing.


I mentioned there are some niches that don’t need videos at all. Like I provide accounting and finance services. I don’t think there is any need to upload video.
Secondly most people use intro videos prepared by professionals. So you can’t guess their level of English by just watching video.


I would definitely prefer to see a video of the person who would help me with accounting and finance services - those are very sensitive matters for me, and I’d rather see the person who I’d be putting my trust into.

However, you are correct: there are many who have hired others to do their videos, and it’s sort of sad since it can be misleading (but I bet the gig description would be written by them, which could then trigger an alarm). Imagine hiring a writer whose video is a person speaking perfect English, and then you see that the seller can’t even write in English without some automated translation software :frowning:


That’s why I mentioned SOME NICHES :blush: