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Fiverr Introduced Buyer Levels

Since last week, I have been seeing some important notices while delivering or viewing an order! See a few below.

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So, I just reached on two levels, one is Fiverr Business Buyers & 2nd VID buyers, it seems Fiverr introduced levels for the buyers, do you seeing this while delivering an order or viewing an order?


This is seriously getting tiresome. Not only it implies that your usual service is anything but excellent, it also probably feeds similar notifications to the buyers. How they’re a valued customer and are entitled to receive something stellar, fabulous, wonderful, above and beyond all expectations. Similar to how Fiverr’s Choice is handled.


There was/is already a “Top Buyer” badge when you spent a certain amount ($100?).

Now there’s a different “Top Buyer” whose a V.I.D.
Also isn’t “VID buyer” or “V.I.D. buyer” going to be a bit confusing if they don’t say what it means? That message about “a V.I.D.” should really say what it means without having to click to another page. Maybe there could be confusion with gigs bought in the “Video and Animation category” and “VID buyer” :thinking:

Ugh how frustrating. As if you wouldn’t provide “excellent service” if they didn’t regularly buy from Fiverr? How patronizing of Fiverr… Wow.

Why does this program feel like code for “You’d better overdeliver because this client brings Fiverr a lot of commissions and we’d like to profit off you as much as possible”?

All clients deserve the same value. The idea that we’re supposed to perform differently for people who bring in more money for Fiverr is, quite frankly, insulting.

In any case, I’m happy for you that you have a top buyer coming to you!


Yes a “Top Buyer” badge is already here! Also yes, its “V.I.D.”

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In my experience, I found these notices for only two buyers, both are buying my services for years, so I think they deserve this & there might be more discount for them too, your concerns about this may not change what already happened, but yes, we can discuss & can share thoughts on this!

The question isn’t just if buyers deserve it, though.

The questions is what impression does this approach leave on sellers who see it? In my opinion it would make us feel used, a tool to line Fiverr’s pockets.

Well we will understand this approach after some time, because cons & pros will react after some time.

No idea what that means.

This is great. Another reason you should do more business at fiverr as a buyer and another reason why you should provide excellent service at fiverr as a seller.

As these badges will have some reasons, these will acts after some time, maybe Fiverr will give additional services with these badges, that’s why cons & pros will react after some time.

Top sellers should also be given similar priveleges, as I think sellers are not that well protect with “n00b”-buyers. ANd with n00b I don’t mean beginners, but people who can’t make up their mind. They often buy/order something and cancel afterwards, because they saw something cheaper or ordered the wrong gig. I even had someone being lazy not willing to deliver images which is ridiciulous as this was the fundamental part of the gig itself. This affects the quality of the sellersrating which actually has nothing to do with the seller. The buyer has to thinkover what is neccesary and needed, BUY = BUY.

UX-Wise, you should have a screen with a summary with the order saying:

  • Neccessary from buyer: X Y Z
  • Delivery by seller: A
  • If buyer can’t deliver X Y Z, than buyer can’t deliver A

That easy.

Fiverr should show sellers more security, as buyers are breaching rules a lot of times, actually without getting noticed. The sellers are more protected in this case instead of the serious and truthful sellers.


This makes no sense at all. Please work on your English.

I’m not going to sit here and try to decode your very poor English to try to figure out what you mean and it’s not reasonable to expect me or anyone to do that.

And just think: if I can’t understand you, buyers probably can’t either.

Wow, I am not gonna accept your taunt! I don’t think this topic is about my poor English or your Excellent, if you don’t know about the cons & pros, then it’s not my fault… Also, you don’t need to sit here & decode my English.

Please don’t worry about my buyers, I am the one who will take care of this if you’re not understanding then I really can’t do anything for you.

I only kind of know what you’re saying because of the other things you’ve said.

But it’s not wise or fair to assume that people should have to decode what you’re trying to say. This thing I quoted makes absolutely no sense at all. None.

Why would I buyer work with someone if half of what they say makes no sense and they have to solve a puzzle to figure out what the seller means. Why would a buyer do that for you?

As my post is about the new badges, but at this moment we don’t know why Fiverr introduced these badges & what benefits Fiverr gonna give to these badge’s buyers?

You must be known that Top Buyer has the value at Fiverr and top buyers always get benefits at Fiverr against the sellers, and similar new badges will have more benefits for buyers.

As again please don’t worry about my buyers! If you will be my buyer then I would happy to make things clear with you.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Smooth. Nice try!

As I said I don’t work with people who expect me to do extra work to try to figure out what they mean. And I don’t take the risk of someone misinterpreting what I mean either.

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