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Fiverr iOS app is buggy

Ever since the last major update to the Fiverr iOS app it has been pretty much useless. Here are the bugs I have found.

  1. Lose the navigation bar. Half the time, when I open the app, the navigation bar is missing so there is no way to go to messages or notifications.
  2. App opens to a random message in input mode. When I click the back button I am back to a blank screen with no navigation menu.
  3. No messages. Often when I go to my messages or notifications, it says “Mmm…You don’t have any messages yet.”
  4. Pop-up notifications but no message. Sometimes I get a pop-up notification on my phone of a new message, but when I open the app there is no message.

Have any of you experienced any issues with the iOS app?

I agree. It wasn’t always that way. But I have noticed these issues too.

The same here.