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Fiverr Ios App not working in apple 8


Good day
I just started facing an issue, updated the ios app in iphone 8 for fiverr
After the updation, my inbox messaging is not working anymore(on tapping message box is not coming up tp type something), messaging in order pages is okay and working fine.
I have restarted my mobile, signed out and signed in again, ios software is up to date!
Can anyone tell the solution to this please?


Yes Same here. It’s a bug in the update they released yesterday.


Ahan, then it’s not only me
Great, I hope they sort it out soon
Thanks, buddy, cheers!


There is an update today for ios app and the issue is been resolved :slight_smile:


the same has happen to me, i just remove and reinstall the app and everything its ok now.

Try it :wink: