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Fiverr iOS App - "Seller Mode"

Hi all,
For a while now, I’ve been having difficulty accessing the “Seller Mode” of my profile via the Fiverr iOS app. When I toggle “Seller Mode” and hit “Sign In”, nothing changes. Unfortunately I am unable to view my earnings or “personal balance” so I can only withdraw funds from my desktop version. I am forever a “Guest”. I am utilizing the newest version of the app.
Any one else facing difficulties or tips on how to fix?
Thank you!


I am pretty sure it’s the opposite, first you sign in then you click seller mode.
Are you not able to sign in?
What’s your iPhone? And iOS?
And Fiverr App Version?

its some time bugs dnt worry all ok.

Hey! This bug thing is seriously ridiculous. I have been facing major difficulties creating my seller profile. At first I tried to create my profile through my ipad but the same thing as yours happened. It wont load ! Then i tried with samsung mobile and it worked. But still I have failed to switch from buyer profile to seller profile. At times, either it wont verify my phone number or would not accept the verification code. I have tried it several times and I got blocked for 24 hours twice as well which has gotten over my nerves for consistent 4 days now. I own a buyer profile which is of no use for me since I tend to sell my sevices.
I tried to seek for some help and luckily got replies too but they were to no avail. I have contacted the fiverr help centre but due to huge traffic on this platform they have not solved my issue yet.
I had heard alot about fiverr but guess this app has started to cross over my patience boundaries

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