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Fiverr iOS app


I wonder if fiverr is thinking about creating an iOS app… And not one like the one that’s been available for ages and never updated, and when you try to log in it never lets you, I mean a fiverr iOS app that actually works, and allows you to edit and update your gigs and do a real time flow of what’s happening in the fiverr community along with your orders and sales and what you need to do. Anyone else curious about this?


I would love for that to happen but uh… I have been here a while and waiting, saw others suggest similar and still none. I do hope it happens sometime soon, we shall see. Even if I could just check my cleared earnings, inbox, and any new active orders would be good with me.


Reply to @freelancemm: Agreed. Hey, fiverr! Where’s the app at!? lol


Also, isn’t this more of a suggestion than a rant? haha, just seems like an unfitting category to me. Oh, I am sure they will expand to that eventually. I am surprised no developer came up to them offering to make it. I am sure it’s nothing too challenging to make a basic version.


Meh. there are plenty of gigs that’ll do it for them :smiley:


so it’s not just me who cannot log into the app, everyone can’t.

yes, i really wish they would update their app, it would be very helpful.