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Fiverr iOS app?

Hello there,
I have the Fiverr app since I joined the site, almost a year ago. I can’t remember if it’s always been like this, but in the past (at least) 3 months I noticed something that I guess I was too lazy to report. When I get a notification from the app (Messages, completed orders, new orders, basically anything) if I’m not quick to see it right when it pops up, it goes away. No other app does this to my (iOS) device. It appears on the lockscreen or shows up at the top when my screen is unlocked, but it fades in a matter of seconds from (all of) my notifications which is strange. I could’ve replied to dozens of messages and requests in shorter time if this didn’t happen. Anyone else in my situation?


YEP! I have an iphonex with verizon and it does the same thing!

it might be a case with you only