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Fiverr IPO: Stock gains 90%. Anything there for us sellers?

Just wondering if any of you have received any communication from Fiverr before or on this historical day?? Since we the sellers have contributed a lot to their success. :slightly_smiling_face:



I think inspiration is probably the best thing to take from it.
Rather than being someone who asks “Can I get a piece of that?” when you see someone’s success, look at what you might do to achieve your own success. Looking at some old interviews with Fiverr’s CEO, it is interesting to see how the company began; out of a place of frustration with what was already there and then the idea “to make hiring a freelancer as easy as buying on Amazon”.

What frustrates you? Is there something you think could or should be done better? Remember, at the time Fiverr began in 2010 there were already hundreds of freelancer sites out there.

From 2011

A couple of hours ago


Bravo! Bravo! :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


Stock gains 90%. Anything there for us sellers?

It doesn’t affect us sellers. It’s a change in ownership from private to public. We are independent, not employees.

We all had as much chance as anyone else to buy the stock when it came out.

I didn’t know they were going public, i would have invested a couple grand.


You do know they made a loss last year. But I think this will be the Amazon of online gigs so will get a couple shares.

I would have used $50,000 but wasn’t aware of when it would be.

The thing is that when it’s an IPO it can take time to get the purchase made on the NY stock exchange and it might not happen right away until after it goes up.

So many are trying to buy it at the same time it could be hours later after it goes up when your order is placed. Still would be worth it though.

I read they had revenues of about $75,000,000.

That would have gotten you a $47,500 gain in one day.

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It depends on what price I could have gotten it at. You never really know in an IPO the first day. It’s going up so fast but still would have made a lot.

I don’t like holding on to stock though so probably would have day traded it.

I wonder who those people are up there in that picture. I bet they made a lot. The one in black tee shirt might be Micha. Worlds’ newest billionaire. Or maybe the one in the suit.

The blond looks like Red Horracks the voiceover artist here.
The brunette on the end looks like the lady in the last ad.

i like penny stocks . Have had a fair amount of success with those. This is too rich for my blood at $39/share

As for on this historical day, there you go:

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…and besides her is shifty pop, the long-time famous jingle creator :slight_smile: Most of them are probably popular sellers or sellers whose photos were used across the Fiverr site, and I wonder if they invested something or were there just for the show :thinking:


They were probably invited and given tickets and hotel rooms to be there for a celebration and PR possibly but who knows. It would be nice to see the names of them somewhere.

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Really nice im proud to comment and view first

I only found out fiverr used to name “Gainbox” at the very beginning…

Check this tweet out by another co-founder of fiverr Shai Wininger below:


The comments with old design photos on that tweet are awesome :smiley: #gainboxLOL


Yeah, it is Micha and the rest are buyers and sellers (says so in the video).
I think that is Redd there in front center and the other face I recognize is Vasily17 - man in the back left with hair to one side. He has an amazing operation going on Fiverr with hundreds of repeat buyers ongoing and a whole team who work with him.

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Just watched that video and some interesting stuff there.
I wonder was Micha distracted by the price going up by about $2.20 in that 6 minute video :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: