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Fiverr IPO: Stock gains 90%. Anything there for us sellers?

He has so much $ at this point he probably doesn’t think about it.

I noticed Redd was the one to actually make the bell ring. The guy on the end seems to be looking at the girl next to him. No he’s looking at Micha. I wish I knew who they all were. They all seem interesting.

They may have been able to buy into the pre IPO stock sales.
Those are special shares available only to important people before it goes public, and they are sure to make a lot. They are cheaper than the opening price. They might have gotten them for $18 a share for example.

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It’ fine :slight_smile: )))))))))))

Maybe. It is worth noting that they go on about Fiverr not being profitable at the moment though

I don’t know how that’s possible if they had $75,000,000 in revenue last year. I doubt that part about not being profitable means he isn’t making a good income. Or that his stock didn’t just earn him a lot. I’m tempted to get their prospectus.
I don’t even understand how an unprofitable company gets on the NY stock exchange.

Uber is not profitable, made a 3 billion dollar loss last year and 4 billion the year before.
Many big companies are invested in and raise funding with the idea that they will eventually become massively profitable.

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IPO investors are interested in a company’s growth and total available market. A company with steady increases in revenue each year can attract investors and raise capital by going public. This capital is then used to fund research and development on how to tap into a higher percentage of that total available market. Investors believe that most unprofitable companies could easily be profitable if they focused on just short-term earnings. Clearly IPO buyers are looking for those companies that invest their could-be profits into research, more employees and expanding their share of the total available market.

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