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Fiverr is a charity

I don’t know how serious people can work here. Maybe I came here too late. Or somehow incorrectly offer my services.

But half a year has passed.

During this time I received two orders. For both orders I spent about 3 times more time than I planned. And I received money for them 3-5 times less than I would like. And for the last order - not the fact that I will receive something. Because the customer practically does not speak English.

And this means that I was working 14/15 of my time for free. And that’s not counting all the actions I took to get orders.

And this is despite the fact that I am far away from the most stupid guy in the village.

Peace for everyone! Stay calm!


I don’t think blaming others for your poor success on fiverr will help you to get more work,English is not my first language but I sell gigs since 2012.


Is this a case of poor planning or pricing on your gigs? If you’re unhappy with how you’re working, then change it!


Where do I blame other? This is the section where people share their experiences. I shared mine. The fact that getting the first orders is super difficult is not a secret.

As a result, any success will pretty much depend on luck.

It is not my first language too. So on?


Obviously, there is no point with zero experience (on this service) to put high prices on gigs. I set the lowest one. Assuming I’ll make the prices higher when I will have orders. But I still don’t have orders.

What can I change in my work, if I don’t have one?

You make the price so if it takes you too much time to deliver a gig then is definitely your fault

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It’s different for everyone. In my case I put up my first gig in June 2015 (3.5 years ago), and have received 201 orders.
Others have received thousands during 3.5 years.
Why? I don’t know. I’m happy with my gigs and so are my
clients . . . my point is that everyone’s case is different.


Hey @th3osy, I can totally understand your frustration, I think there are many sellers who’ve been in your situation, including myself when I first started. I’m also in that situation now, after taking quite a long break from Fiverr.

Have you tried changing and optimizing your gigs? One thing that I often do after making changes to my gigs is have a look on where does my gig lay within the search results pages. In that way, you can kind of tell if the chances of getting more orders are higher or lower. If they are lower, you can test with different options such as offering 1 day delivery, more than 1 revision, etc. - extra things that buyers might select when looking for a service.

With the first orders I would suggest offering bonuses or be willing to spend more time in order to deliver the very best service until you start building a reputation within that category of gig. :slight_smile:

It can be very challenging and you need to put in quite an effort at first, but after that it most likely will be rewarding once orders start to come in. :sun_with_face:

  1. Where is my fault if, for example, a person sends me the wrong text? I make a presentation on her, and she says, “Oh, sorry. I mixed up”?

And I have an option - to start arguing with the first customer and remain without experience. Or make a presentation in a different text and spend twice as much resources?

  1. One more time. I set price that is obviosly lower then I want to get. And I explained the reasons why I do so. But if only that.

Please, no more advices about how should I organize my workflow. I know it pretty good.

Better tell me how to start getting an orders in new fields? :slight_smile:

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Yes, every case is different. :3 I would like to understand why something works with some, and why it is impossible for others.

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Yes, I will try this for sure. New design will fresh up a bit my gigs.

Well, I was ready to spend it. And I did. And I got my first order. I was really happy about it. I even had really good feedback about my work. But after that nothing happened. :S

As this is your first post, welcome to the forum.

Check out: Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find lots of great tips to help you in the above. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


I would not use that word, describing those tips. They are okey. But sure not “GREAT”, because there are a lot of “but” if you start to implement those tips.

As there are hundreds of tips it will take some time to read them all.

Also new ones are being added every day.

Who knows …. maybe you will find some great tips!


Okey, thank you for your inspiration!

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If you were a buyer looking for a certain service and you have a list of 1000 new (or low # of reviews) gigs in front of you, what would be the aspects of the gig that would make you click on that ‘‘Order Now’’ button? Would you choose your gig, or someone elses? :smiley:

That’s what I always ask myself when it comes to making it more attractive. Although there are different types of buyers, sometimes this trick works when it comes to coming up with better titles, images, descriptions and all that.


Fiverr isn’t a charity just because you weren’t priced right and ended up wasting too much time on the order.

Here you only work for free if you have to give a refund, if not, you get paid.

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I understand where you’re coming from. Even though I delivered a lot more gigs than you, I’m kinda in the same situation now. No new orders and got back to New Seller status. The buyer request it’s like it doesn’t even exist, however… I would say you should not give up, tweak your gigs (description, prices, tags), try to see how it works, also, don’t depend 100% on this site’s income, try to find other streams and you’ll see that you will care less if you will not get sales here. Good luck.


Lloyd meant ‘great’ regarding the tips in the links he attached . . .

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Find your own clients, bring them to Fiverr and process your orders through here. In that way you can get some reviews on the board and charge your normal (non-charity) rates. In addition, this will improve your stats and should result in your gigs getting ranked better as well as converting better because your reviews will show positive results.

Those who started on Fiverr early do have an advantage because they became established before there was as much competition - you need to do something extra to catch up and I believe the best way to do that is to advertise and develop your own clients and use Fiverr as the processing platform for moment. Over time you will get some more organic orders as a result.

Many people reject this idea because they worry more about the 20% that goes to Fiverr; they don’t believe in investing that to develop their business until they get a return from Fiverr which is completely worth it in the end. Those are the ones who leave after 6-12 months and say it is impossible to get orders.