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Fiverr is a cheat! - Buyers perspective!


I would like to bring this to public through this platform. I’ve been using Fiverr for sometime now and I’ve noticed that 90% of sellers here are fake, they either fake their skills or don’t deliver as per the committed timeline. Fiverr should be responsible in verifying their sellers and their work that they showcase to fool people.

I had some money left in my Fiverr account as refund which I thought I’d use it against other sellers but the same story again, I had to keep cancelling multiple orders mainly because they were not able to complete the task on time or they had done worst job possible. Tired and fedup I demanded my money back to my original payment source from Fiverr’s “Awesome” customer support. After multiple exchange of emails with them, they finally agreed to move the amount to a temporary “seller” account through which I could withdraw it to Paypal as “revenue”. I disagreed because I cannot show the amount as revenue in my account books because that will be taxable to me and I will end up loosing more money!

In return, they disable my account saying “High number of cancellations”!!!

I want to ask this to Fiverr (if someone from the management is reading) - What about high number of fraudsters on Fiverr doing fake work??

I’ve hired people on oDesk, Elance, Upwork for almost a decade now. But Fiverr deserves to be called a cheater!

Just beware guys. Stop wasting your money here. Fiverr is not going to do anything for you. They are just sitting hatching eggs, and if you raise your concern they will simply block your account for any stupid reasons.


Sorry, sir. Maybe something your misunderstanding. If you find someone who is fake just report the fiverr customer support.


There are fraudsters, definitely, but I highly doubt your 90% number; if 90% of all the gigs you bought - how many did you buy? - were not worth the money or didn´t get delivered, you may want to rethink the criteria you use choosing your sellers.

Right while I´m typing this, a regular customer since many months is making their 48th (!) order with me, and they are okay with a 21 day delivery time, as well. Because they know they can rely on the quality and always get their delivery on time, and I know they have quite a handful of other sellers they buy from regularly.

Many buyers know that indeed they are not wasting their money here, but get a lot more worth out of their money here than they´d get elsewhere.

From a buyers’ perspective, while I´m mainly a seller, I´ve bought 11 gigs up to now, 10 of those were great or okay and only 1 did not get delivered - and I got a refund for that.

If any seller does not deliver what you paid for, as Amin says, contact Customer Support - in fact, in that one case when the seller didn´t deliver, Fiverr sent me a mail from their side, telling me they noticed the seller didn´t deliver, was far over the time now and they recommend to try contact them, and else I have the option of cancelling, so even if I´d have forgotten about the order, Fiverr themselves reminded me.
So, I´m not quite sure how it can happen to someone that they “waste their money” in 90% of all orders they make. Sounds like quite a feat.


Sorry you have never found a seller you like in spite of trying repeatedly.

But you got to try out a lot at no charge and were offered a refund.


I’ve found a couple of very positive reviews you’ve left for sellers, so it can’t have been all bad for you.

Good luck! :sunny:


I found two reviews by the OP:

1.Excellent. Professional. Good Job!

2.Will work again!

I hate it when people come here complaining but don’t tell the whole story.

I didn’t know fiverr cancelled accounts due to high number of cancellations but I’m glad. I know some people go around to numerous sellers getting work done and complaining about it so they get a refund repeatedly.

I’m not saying you did this OP but some buyers do this to get free work repeatedly.

I’ve made a lot of purchases but never had to cancel once.

I am reading between the lines here but it sounds like you did not want a refund to your account so you could continue to use those funds to make more purchases.


I said 90% are frauds or faking their skills. Which means 10% is genuine and that is why you see few positives reviews left for sellers on my account.

I’ve never ever taken delivery of orders which were cancelled. But instead of fixing these fake skilled sellers Fiverr finds it easy to block buyers saying “High number of cancellations” Thats great customer service isn’t it??


Honestly, to be banned for a high number of cancellations sounds like you make it a habit for some reason to buy then cancel.

It would mean out of 20 orders you only accepted two and cancelled 18.

Even Amazon blocks buyers if they have a large number of returns.
It becomes abusive and fraudulent at some point.

Since you are so unhappy with this site why not put it behind you and leave instead of wasting more time here?


I have more completed orders than cancelled ones but the fact that Fiverr disables my account right after asking refund to original payment source shows their intentions.

Im not going to be using Fiverr anymore. Dont want to be cheated again. My purpose of writing all this so that its available publicly.


There intention is to block you from buying and getting cancellations any more.

How many cancellations have you gotten in total?


If that was the case shouldn’t they block my account before? why did they wait for me to ask my money back to my credit card?

Until I have money in my Fiverr account and keep buying gigs they have no problem even if there are high cancellations? but the moment I ask for my money to my card. That is when they find excuses to block. This clearly shows foul play at their end!

Edit - I have 9 cancellations in total


The money was going to your card but you said you refused.

How many cancellations have you gotten?


Please do read it again, I’ve clearly written they want me to withdraw money as revenue and not as “refund” which will be taxable in my account books.


How many cancellations have you gotten in total?


So that must be too many. Well anyway since you aren’t happy here then good luck, sounds like it’s best to leave anyway.

If it goes back onto your card then it is not revenue it is clearly a refund.


Like I said earlier I have more completed orders than cancelled. I just want my money back to my original payment source as refund and not as “REVENUE”. Once I have my money I’m happy to leave and never see this cheater company again. I’m done.


If the money goes back onto your card it can’t be revenue!


It is not going back to my card. They want me to withdraw money into my PayPal as seller and then from PayPal to my bank as “Revenue” which will be taxable at my end!


Everyone, relax maybe? This is turning into a Witch Hunt for no reason. @adamindia5 what kind of services are you looking for? Maybe someone here can point you to a reliable seller?


I also note the wording here, use against other sellers