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FIVERR is a CHEAT Website

Sorry to say but I have lost the trust on Fiverr community. People here make fool, and Fiverr has no way to help clients. At least three developer have cheated me. So I’ll now hire people from outside market.

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Sorry to hear about your experience. You can always reach out to customer support for assistance.


Thanks but I wrote three times, they just close my request saying i am in touch with the developer. No action is taken, money is over US$300 have gone, without any refund or usable work.

You can always follow up on those tickets. Also make sure to include screenshots as well.


Can you tell us the details of what happened please? I’m interested in hearing what happened exactly all three times.


I placed the P.O. and in 2 cases, after spending about 2 months the developer refused to finish the assignment (no refund). Then I selected 3rd one which I am currently dealing with, now he is leaving the project in between, as after competing half work, he feels he has quoted less. I offered him to compensate further but he is not willing to move further, may be his competencies. another, 4th one, has just sent me my own work without doing the required automation which we agreed.

It is not allowed on fiverr to go for two months working on a project. The sellers all have deadlines of a month or less to deliver.

Tell them you need them to refund your money since they can’t complete it. In all these cases, if you did not get what was agreed to, you can get a refund.


With limited information I’d say you haven’t properly set the requirements for the developers.

If you agreed on the requirements and developer didn’t finish it then it’s a simple refund. If you don’t get a refund even with CS help then most likely there’s more to this story.

Another simple refund case if the developer delivers only half of the work that was agreed on. If CS doesn’t support your refund then again most likely there’s a problem with the requirements and what was agreed.

One more simple refund case. Request cancellation, if the seller doesn’t agree then CS will cancel it. If CS doesn’t cancel then again it seems requirements were not clear enough leaving wiggle room for the seller.

So, either you’re incredibly unlucky or the agreements you made with the developers were not tight enough.
I’m not saying it’s your fault, but if 4 developers in a row failed and CS is not helping you then there has to be more to this story.
Look, if it doesn’t work out then you can try other platforms. Fiverr might not work for you, but it has worked for millions of buyers including myself. Every now and then I come across unprofessional sellers, but it would be the same on any platform. It doesn’t mean “Fiverr is a cheat website” as you put it. It just means you need to do a proper background check and tighten up your agreements to cover your behind when things go wrong.


I am really sorry to hear that but I must ask you, did you do all your payments via Fiverr, or you went paying them outside the site?