Fiverr is a great but there has to be a better way to market our services


Marketing and advertising gigs are okay…but not really getting sellers gigs noticed by the public. Is there any way to get your gig advertised through fiverr on a larger scale?


Not through Fiverr that I know of. It is helpful to make social media pages for your buisness though. I would like to know if there is too.


There are many useful posts already created.

Search “UPYOUR” in the forum search bar to learn more about marketing opportunities.

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Hey, @ironman502

Thanks for the post, you can research about your gig, and also share your gig in social media and also read the forum article they are many tip and topic so you can optimize you gig and you can make a sell.


Linked In and Twitter is the best way for marketing and you also post your gigs on warrior forum
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Ya that’s right its very use full.

Thank you.