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Hi Everyone, Im Naythan from Africa A computer engineer with over 15 years in E-commerce and Social media marketing through SEO.
some months back I came across an article on some online forum where some fiverr users based in Africa were complaining of some form of discrimination on users from Africa. You will never see any seller from Africa Featured or making sales because their gigs normally don’t appear on the fiverr search.

I just created my gig was it yesterday and today let me find out if its True, seeing is believing


Hello there,

I’ve reviewed your gig and you can definitely structure your description better.
I was lost and I recommend using bold, highlight and spacing to your advantage.

Not all services are respected by Fiverr. Fiverr does not believe in promoting “selling” reviews or “clicks” and because of this you may not find these services listed or featured on Fiverr.

When starting off the best advice I can give is bidding to buyer requests.

Best of luck,
:bulb: Joe


Hi Joe,

thank you so much for your response, however my point is my gig needs to just get a fair chance to be visible or seen like all those others in our similar category, that are very visible and offer the same service. I looked page by page to the very last gig and I can assure you none of my gigs appear anywhere. which was the point that was raised by so many of my peers from this part of the world.

you can create a gig today and never see it appear on any search results and in the same day you will see other sellers gigs offering the same appear and when you check you will see all of them are in countries other than Africa and its really discouraging sellers from Africa to try and contribute in Fiverr.

Fiverr is a great place but lets make it great for all.

Thanks you so much once again for looking into it.



You’re offering YouTube likes and views. That’s against the Terms of Service of both YouTube and Fiverr, so your gigs don’t appear in search (and might get deleted at some point).

There are sellers from Africa who do great. They sell legitimate services.


You have absolutely no real reason to say that certain areas are being discriminated against and you really should have evidence before making such an outlandish accusation towards anyone or any company.

Your evidence is based solely on your own experience and having looked at your gigs I could be particularly harsh about what you offer and how you offer it but I won’t and instead I will say that I would simply not buy your gig if I was looking for that service. Nothing about it stands out as being a quality service.

There are many people from different parts of Africa selling services successfully which completely demolishes your accusation. Check out some of @pastordre’s posts on the forum. Instead of blaming the site, look at yourself and realize that you are in a very competitive market, where I suspect the type of service you offer is not in Fiverr’s “editorial focus” and as Catwriter says, you won’t show up in results.


Which Africa are you talking about? I have never been discriminated.


I was about the share the link of the forum that I read this issue from but its not allowed to share links here but you will be very shoked what some users are going through but they say only the person that wears the shoe feels the pain and no offense to anyone Fiverr is a great place no doubt but I felt the need to speak out because I experienced it even when I created a very different gig for designing valentine cards as I also do graphic design that gig could not appear same as the rest so what does that mean but its fine.


Sure it’s allowed to share the links, share the link!


I see many people post on the forum about not appearing in the search results and have experienced the same thing myself. Should I have posted on the forum that I didn’t appear in the search results because I am from Ireland?

I never posted complaining about my gigs not showing up, instead I used the forum to LEARN. I followed the advice of other sellers who posted advice and tips and I have had 700 orders in 18 months. You can complain all you want but it won’t help you in any way. The alternative is to actually do something about it yourself and stop crying victimization. Sure, I believe some individual buyers may choose not to do business with certain countries for whatever reasons but to claim the system is against you is just pathetic and shows a complete lack of the impetus necessary to be successful on this site.
There are no handouts here, you need to work for success.


As you will see if you read, there are people active on the forum who sell fine from Africa. Right now you have no gigs that are in Fiverr’s editorial focus, so there is no real way to check them. If you had a card-creation gig, you’ve apparently removed it.

Sellers from anywhere will not appear in search if they have poorly worded gigs or if they sell services in a method that is against policy. Sometimes you may see a similar gig in search if it hasn’t been caught yet, or if the seller has re-worded it in a way that makes it fit the Terms of Service. There is no sign at all that all gigs from any one country are deliberately excluded.

Rather than complain, creating gigs selling real practical services would be beneficial. Promoting your services and working on sales through buyer requests can lead any seller to success, but just typing on a forum doesn’t do anything.


@naythanguru: I think everyone has missed a certain point (yourself being the biggest culprit). Your gig DOES NOT appear on search immediately after creation regardless of your location. Once you’ve been a while on Fiverr, or you’ve made a few sales, or your gig has been reviewed by the Editorial team, then you’ll begin to appear.

Besides, talking of discrimination, Fiverr is a place for everyone! Feel free to check out my profile, that of @phantompower, and that of @pastordre, then tell me what you notice.

If you want to make sales, go to the BR section! NO WORK ON FIVERR WITHOUT EFFORT!!!



Thank you so much for your feedback its so informative, Let me look at the wording and format my gig accordingly and hopefully it may have a difference.

Oh and Im very aware of terms of service and its one of the reasons my gig is very unique because we crowdshare videos a very unique form of crowdsourcing where we give a video a head start by highlighting a buyers video on Facebook, google+, whatsapp we have a whatsapp group with over 80,000 people all over the world that we joind to crowdshare and give each other traffic through sharing different Social media content as we noted we have strength togeather.

Thats why i pointed out our platform is very unique and generates organic traffic with very high retention Quality traffic that does not violate any Terms and conditions.


Cry me a river.

I’ve seen quite a few African sellers making $$$$$$$ and doing well.

People from Muslim countries, Chicago (Chiraq), Liberty City in Miami or from Marcy Projects, New York etc… could all say the same thing. This whole discrimination notion on Fiverr is getting OLD like stale bread. :unamused:


What is the unique part of this?



I think you really need to check fiverr academy and blog just to know how fiverr works but before that, read the TOS.


The world is going crazy, we have a generation that genuinely believe everything wrong in their lives is because of the faults of others and never themselves.

First of all, Africa is a continent just like any other continent with lots of people with skills and talent again just like any other continent, and if you are trying to play race card here, then you are in the wrong place, a simple search will show you loads of people living in Africa who are making loads of money and very successful and it has nothing to do with their location, it is because they offer a service they skills for and know how to market themselves,

You are not even sure when you created your gig, and confused about yesterday and today, how do you expect to be found or taken seriously? Please tell me you posted this for laughs and you were not serious!!


WHAT!!!??? :scream:
I thought Africa was a country!

Sarah Palin :arrow_heading_up:


You would be surprised how many people think that Africa is a country for real :slight_smile:


And the Pandora’s Box has been opened.

All with a smart move from Seller offering illegal Services, in the most average manner, to blame his/hers future potential failure on discrimination.

Making yourself a part of the delicate Subject while automatically framing your potential future failure (which is most likely to happen, but for reasons far, far from discrimination) by accusing Fiverr of discrimination?

You should get a job at some Large Corporation’s marketing department. They could use people like you.

I just created my gig was it yesterday and today let me find out if its True, seeing is believing

Roflmao. Kids these days…