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Fiverr is a Great place but …


I don’t see the point to this whole thread.

I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with your logic, just don’t see the logic of this discussion.


Sadly, I can.

He hasn’t sold any gigs yet, so it must be true! (Hint: big bit of sarcasm there)


@naythanguru, Look at @phantompower He is from east Africa, and I can see that He is selling successfully.

And if this is your intention, your gig will never sell, even if you wait for a thousand more years. The competitive market needs your skill and not a test.(It can be seen from your gig, how original you are). Fiverr is a market where every new seller gets the opportunity, you can see your stats from My gigs, impressions, views, clicks etc. And if your gig doesn’t sell in spite of getting clicks and views, they will get buried and will likely not appear in search anymore.


I am not he/she. I am a He with a capital letter.


I thought it would be better If I quote he/she to someone who is wearing a mask. lol


No it would be better to quote “it”


I will keep that in mind.


How do I write? It is from east Africa, and I can see that it is selling successfully. ???


Is it a lion or an Elephant? :slight_smile:




Like this… Look at phantompower. It is from east Africa, and I can see that It is selling successfully. just make sure the (It) starts with a capital letter.


I don’t agree with this sentence.


Maybe a lion, I guess.