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Fiverr is a great place to do business I have had Fantastic interaction with the sellers BUT!


Is it me or does the no interacting directly with the buyer or seller thing bother anyone else? I am spending my money but I can’t interact in the way that I want? BUT even more importantly this means that fiverr is actually READING each and every email or message sent between parties? WTH Where is the privacy. My BEEF is that I met a seller that has been most helpful NEVER OFFERED TO PAY HIM OUTSIDE FIVERR BUT wanted to give my email so that our response time would be shortened for some reason there is a MAJOR delay in the time he sent his messages before I get an alert in my personal email and now I see why. Its more that just key words there is someone actually filtering or semi skimming or reading the actual messages before sending them SO There is absolutely no privacy as far as that goes. I will use the site in the future but I feel that this practice is a bit much. What are you doing trying to find terrorist interaction? Is that the excuse being used to justify the monitoring of peoples direct expenditure of their personal funds and business transactions? Well for the record I am a decorated Disabled Veteran and I AM NOT A TERRORIST and feel that I have MORE than earned/paid for my freedom and my right to privacy. I have an attorney that I was recently introduced to that specializes in class action lawsuits that I am going to run this by as I truly feel violated.


Your emails are not being read by people; they are scanned by programs which recognize keywords such as “dot com” or symbols like “@”. When you sign up with Fiverr, you were asked to read & acknowledge understanding of the Terms of Service, which does say that efforts to exchange personal contact information is forbidden. The software that “caught” you doesn’t care why you tried to give your email to someone else, it just recognized that you did so. There is no grey with this rule, only black & white. I happen to agree that it would be nice to be able to communicate in a less burdensome way & that there can be valid reasons to do so, but I also understand that hundreds of thousands of emails pass through the Fiverr site, from all around the world, at any given time & that it would be impossible to scrutinize & make personal judgments about each of them. What I can tell you is this: don’t do it again, if you’d like to continue on Fiverr! I lost all my Levels because I had become “friends” with someone who’d asked my advice about selling on Fiverr. Chatting was so difficult but also not appropriate since we weren’t talking about Fiverr anymore, so yes, I tried to indicate my personal email address…and got caught. I was lucky in that I earned back my Levels in a short time, but I was so angry & frustrated because there was no person to argue my case that I wasn’t trying to “steal” sales away from Fiverr & all they need do is review our communications to see that. I’m sure your lawyer friend will tell you that Fiverr is doing nothing illegal & that the Terms of Service are in fact similar to any other business website like Fiverr. You have to decide whether or not you’re willing to participate under those terms.