Fiverr is a joke !?


i haved buy an services here on fiver but i did not receive my invoice!!
It is posible this???

My experience was dramatic i send 2 tickets and my “moderator” Diego put my ticket in solved and he did not say nothing to me… and ofcourse he did not put my invoice in my account! how ca he its able to do this???

“No Invoice Found For Order
Please Contact Customer Support If You’d Like Help”

I think fiver its not pro!!! its just a joke !!


Did you check your mail? Fiverr already sent you an invoice there.


Only the first invoice by 52,5 dollars… the other 200 dolalrs NOT…


All you can do is to contact Customer Services I’m afraid - we’re just buyers and sellers on here.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hy, yes but on zendesk i am on the 3 ticket to them and they put my thicket to solved mode :slight_smile:


Customer support will not respond if you send more than one ticket about a subject as they consider it spamming them.


Tickets are usually marked as solved if the ticket has been answered by a rep. You can still reply to the same ticket which instantly “opens” it up again.
You don’t have to create multiple tickets on the same topic.

This might help:


Yes but they close all my tickets … its not posible !!!


Thanks for your support guys!