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Fiverr is a life changer


I remember so vividly when I joined the “Doer” movement back in February 2016. I had just been laid off from my Business Development Manager job and was very desperate as my savings were running out. By sheer luck, I happened to come across an old friend from primary school and we got to talking. One of our discussions was what we do for a living and she told me she is an academic writer online and works from home. The whole thing really fascinated me and i requested her to train me how to be write academic papers (i had experience from University but was a bit rusty) so i could also try out the online work. That’s how I got introduced to Fiverr because it was her main online work platform and has been to date. I opened my Fiverr account, did some research by reading the very helpful Fiverr articles and forum discussions, and within 2 days I was ready to set up my gigs.

My biggest surprise was that I didn’t have to do academic writing (which i was not passionate about) because i discovered i could use my work experience and educational training to provide business planning and resume writing services. The rest as they say is history. Within 3 months i was working full time on Fiverr and earning more than I was earning in my previous job. so far my life has been better than it ever was (work independently, eat better, live in a bigger apartment with my family, and so much more).

Thanks to Fiverr, I have achieved so much and plan to achieve so much more. I can even save more than I could ever do in any other job. I plan to buy a piece of land and build a home from my Fiverr earnings. Honestly, were it not for Fiverr, I would not be where I am today.

God bless Fiverr from the founders to all the staff who works so hard to make it a better marketplace for both sellers and buyers. FYI, you are the best online jobs marketplace in the world so far and am sure am not the only one who thinks so


but my life now here


That’s awesome! Congratulations on your success!

Fiverr has also helped me be able to quit an office job and focus on what I love doing: Voiceovers, and Sports Broadcasting. I’m very grateful to the site. It has its occasional quirks and ups and downs, but it’s changed my life as well.


Congrats for your sucess! Really Fiverr is the Best Marketplace in the world-wide. I love Fiverr too much :slight_smile:



Truly inspiring. Congratulations for your on fiverr. Yes fiverr is the best freelance market place and it has been changing so many lives around the world. THANK YOU FIVERR and WE LOVE YOU.


Thank you Donnyvoice


Thank you wpspecialist24. Fiverr is amazing and truly the best marketplace in terms of usability and ease of getting work


WE LOVE YOU FIVERR FOR SURE. Keep it up and don’t change anything


It is lovely to see that Fiverr is changing the lives of so many people. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Lloydsolutions. Fiverr has definitely changed the lives of millions all over the world. I cant imagine a world without Fiverr


Excellent! Happy to hear such history! I wish you much more :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


thanks arienne_article


Congratulations to you and wish you success
Thank you special to fiverr


Thanks lalmidiba. And Yes, “Thank You” special to Fiverr