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Fiverr is a lot of fun

So what I’ve learned so far is that Fiverr is good for disposable entities and grassroots startups. There’s a lot of graphic work I needed done, as well as a lot of research. I think I’ve spent $400 here total. Usually that would only get me a few samples of a logo from a business near me.

With Fiverr’s help I’ve created “HyperRoot”. Which is pretty fun. Just a little project I came up with to experiment with directing contractors.

I want to direct art next. It’ll require a lot more funds, but I’ve seen some badass artists on here & I want to do an online graphic novel over time. I want to incorporate music and some animation though too. I don’t know, it seems difficult. But I’ve got this amazing talent to programmatically orchestrate all the creative content that comes from here, so I think it’s worth experimenting with.

I’ve spent a lot of money on material things. Fiverr is more satisfying than a lot of that.


Great feedback. Glad you are enjoying it! I love it as a seller and buyer.

I like the idea of Fiverr a lot. It’s really straight-forward and simple. The only thing is I became a seller about two months ago and haven’t gotten a single bite. Don’t know what’s wrong.

Make sure that all of your gigs are properly punctuated and have varying grammatical choices. Utilize the buyer requests feature. I had the same problem as you until I started using Buyer Requests three weeks ago and I’ve made about $60 so you can do it!

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How do you use the buyer requests, I don’t fully understand it?