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Fiverr is a Meritocracy. Deal with it

Doesn’t matter if you’re a newy, middly, or an oldy. Fiverr is a meritocracy and rewards sellers who’ve demonstrated skills, knowledge, abilities, and especially responsibility. Fiverr is not a democracy. You have no right or expectation to a minimum wage or special treatment. You deserve nothing you haven’t earned.

So what if you earned a Top-Rated-Seller badge? It doesn’t mean anything if you fall asleep at the wheel of your sales vehicle. Do yourself a favor: go to any sales category on Fiverr and sort the results by “High Ranking.” Do you notice how the top ranked sellers on the list are a mix of TRS and Level 2? And do you notice how there are top-rated-sellers ranked 30th, 40th, and sometimes even further down the list? That’s because they gave up. They got tired of the game and moved on, or else they failed to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing jungle that is Fiverr’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Fiverr is a for-profit enterprise, and they award responsibility to the responsible. If you’ve shown that you’re earning money for them, they’ll reward you with higher visibility and better customer support. If you’ve shown that your work is poo-tar, Fiverr will cast you into the abyss where you rightly belong.

Deal with it.

100% spot on. The only problem I have is seeing people remain with a Top Rated seller badge who have hundreds of negative reviews. The current issue with the system is that volume matters more than quality when it comes to retaining TRS.

Agree with you…I am one of those TRS who is ranked 40th or 50th or worse in my main category, articles and blog posts, and I recently had my 1000th review for that gig…just 1 negative review…2100 reviews in all and just 3 negative reviews out of that. So had the ranking in search been about reviews, I would be on top, but a TRS with hundreds of negative reviews is on top. He gets dozens of orders each day, as do those in the top 20. But I don’t mind there is no way I can handle that. As it is I have worked non-stop for 2 years, 12-15 hours a day. I am on vacation right now till Wednesday, but it’s a working vacation. Will be free for 2-3 days in May 2nd week because of this vacation when I plan to pay my property taxes,etc. Point is, I work alone…I am not sure some of the top sellers in my category work alone. Can you write 100 articles in a day? So I am happy with my low ranking to be honest. I am not asleep at the wheel or anything as James says. I am doing my best. I couldn’t possibly handle more than what I get.

It’s a pity you can’t replicate yourself and do twice as much work. Or, maybe do half as much work and leave the rest to your clone while you take more vacations. :slight_smile:


And you will know my name is the LAWD… Yeah. One of those moments.

Jokes aside, your post is my sentiments exactly. Word for word, and the meme.

1000 $5 sales with many negative reviews seems to count more than 600 $25 sales without any negative reviews for example.

I find this soooo irritating. Fiverr still acts like it is all about fivers.
A new gig of mine has generated 4 sales - total value $460 yet someone with 5 $5 sales is seen as having sold more and their 5 reviews are valued more than my 4 will be yet I have made 20 times what they have for Fiverr (and me)!

@writer99025 Wow, that is AMAZING!

So you noticed that too.

I found that fascinating too when doing research some months back on how one of my gig categories worked; apologies for the weird wording. And thanks for the meme; now that theme song is stuck in my head.

You mean I can’t set up an account and immediately come here and complain that no one helps me?

Not going to lie. That is pretty amazing. I couldn’t work 12-15 hour days like that for so long, I would go nuts. Then again though that’s why I’m not a TRS.

Still, on average I make enough to cover my bills and eat at the end of the month with an average 3-4 hour of work a day. So I feel accomplished, and within a year too.

Or you could do my personal favorite: Make an account with the photo of an apparent Instagram model in the profile, flashy logo’s from a google image search, broken English in the gig description, claim you’re from the united states, be here for literally a week, and then come to the forum complaining that you’re not getting any work.

I love reading about those.

After reading the one thousandth one it’s starting to lose its charm.

Just saying, but I noticed that james created this thread when I read the word “poo-tar”.

Top Rated Sellers don’t fall down because they made a mistake or give up. Unless you’re seeing a lot of reviews with the words: “Cancelled, seller failed to deliver on time,” then they’re clearly working and doing the same work they’ve always done.

Your place on the rows isn’t like real estate, you’re not there forever, if you’re on row 1 today, you might be on row 5 or row 40 tomorrow. Today I saw a guy with 3 reviews on row 2. I think Fiverr likes to mix it up, raise some, lower others, so they can get sales. I’m also glad you can search people by level category, so if a buyer only wants to buy from TRS, they can just click on that. Personally, I miss the old tabs, I think people were click on that more. The new links require people to scroll down and look on the left, they don’t always do that.

Furthermore, the TRS badge means a lot. It’s very stressful to be a TRS, not only do buyers expect more, but Fiverr expects more and the way you treat buyers can get you into trouble. I’ve been seeing a life coach that’s helping me deal with office politics, which Fiverr has a lot. Buyers can even hit the spam button if they get angry with you, and then you have to contact customer service and explain what happened.

Either way, I agree it’s a meritocracy, but it’s also a very subjective place. Sellers have to be patient, you can obsess about other people and their gigs, but in the end you have to do your own thing and hope for the best.

LOL. James is a good writer. Too bad he does not sell writing gigs.

Are you looking at the results sorted by high ranking? Because if you’re on the tab for “Recommended,” then yes - you’re going to see a potpourri of whatever Fiverr wants to show you. But if you’re in a parent- or sub-category and sort the results by high ranking the results are fairly stable.

I’m an okay writer :stuck_out_tongue: My strength is that I type like I talk, and I’ve done a lot of public speaking and entertaining, so that works in my favor.