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Fiverr is a scammer's paradise

what can a seller do when they deliver quality work for some s*** scam buyer to say they don’t like it? all the while wanting to buy again yet saying they “don’t like it” in the first place. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. our ratings go down, our effort is wasted, and there is no money to be made. But of course Fiverr doesn’t give a f*** because they charge a fee every time a buyer loads money into the site, so Fiverr still wins in all cases. If an order is cancelled, the buyer is refunded back the selling price (NOT INCLUDING THE FEE) that means Fiverr will keep making money no matter the situation. The seller is only there to attract a potential buyer into loading money into this site and that is all there is. f*** the seller right? This is the fiverr business loop. Go ahead moderators delete this, I have this post saved and I’ll repost it again and again.

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It’s a pity your “bravery” to “stand up to mods” isn’t matched when you are dealing with buyers. Just say no when they ask to cancel.


If work gets used, my usual way is to contact the person using it to ask that they stop. In all messages, I also explain that while they may have ordered from some top digital marketing agency, what that agency did was outsource to me and not pay me to increase their profits.

Works for me. However, it does depend on what you offer, Also, you may notice a sharp drop in sales from re-sellers.


Fiverr refunds all fees. Such is why they hate cancellations and punish heavily for them. I’ve had better success with CS as a seller than buyer as well.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I’m not saying you didn’t.

I just wanted to say that it has never happened that way to me.

I had that happen a month ago, and then the person cancelled the order, and then I was automatically given a refund by customer support. I didn’t even have to ask them.

What the buyer complained about to me had absolutely nothing to do with anything about my gig or her order from me. It had to do with something in her personal life which after I did the job for her, made what she ordered in her opinion not needed. So I don’t know if fiverr read what she said to me or what reason she gave when she cancelled.

Fiverr supports the seller as far as I can tell. They have given me a refund the few times I’ve gotten a cancelled order.

If you can show them that you delivered the order as promised they might help you too.


I been working with fiverr exclusively almost 2 years.
Only got 1 case problem with bad buyer and several difficult buyer as new seller and level 1.
After i increase the gig price, most of the buyer is very good person and professional.

Personally, i think most of the spam buyer targeted cheap price and new seller.

And always put “contact seller before ordering” on your gigs description too.
We can learn about the buyer based on the conversation we had to distinguish bad and good buyer. If buyer sound fishy, much better to decline the project.

Wish you luck,


I also found that I ditched a lot of problematic inquiries and buyers when I increased my prices.

I’ve also noticed that off Fiverr some of the cheapest, most unreasonable people tend to make the most money.


You will get that from time to time. I’ve had instances who I know the purpose of the purchase is to simply sabotage my service.

Just be wary and if you do get them make sure to report them right away.