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Fiverr is allowing someone to resell my content

So I sell information products which I created myself. There have been numerous occasions where someone attempts to resell it themselves. I’ve pointed them out in the past (new sellers 90% of the time with little to no sales) and Fiverr takes care of it as they should.

BUT recently, I discovered someone that has been selling it for a while now (80 or so feedback already) because two previous customers of mine told me they got the same information from someone else.

I asked them for proof so I can send it to Fiverr support. Both of my customers called out this seller and in both cases the seller does not deny the allegations (“This content isn’t yours, give me a refund or I will report you to Fiverr”) and gives them a refund immediately.

I had the buyers also screenshot exactly what this person delivered, each and every one of the documents belonged to me.

I even pointed out to Fiverr that another gig this person is selling was purchased from another seller, because I saw they purchased said gig from someone before theirs went up.

So they took from me and another seller.

Now, this person that is reselling my items copied 65% or so of my gig description word-for-word, used a different image and slightly different title.

Know what Fiverr support did? With all this proof? Nothing.

Since it was not “100% copied” Fiverr outright says PLR, unoriginal content, etc. isn’t allowed.

Why allow this person that is obviously breaking those rules stay on the site?

I wasn’t told of the “outcome”, but they’re still there, with sales in queue so I can only assume nothing was done…

Fiverr needs better measures in place to prevent this. All documents should be given a digital signature or something of that sort that would flag accounts uploading/delivering someone else’s content.

nature of selling content online.

I expect it yes, but it’s frustrating when Fiverr looks the other way despite all the policies they have in place & proof I have.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…but the caveat that comes with that is that not everyone is created equal, so as long as you know you can do the work better than they ever could, that’s all that really matters!
If you really want revenge, just check out their reviews and see who used their services then if applicable send that user a message explaining and showing them that they’re a fraud and that you’re the legit service, if you’re lucky they will ditch them and solely use you, there’s nothing wrong with poaching your competitions clients if they’re poaching your gig verbatim! :slight_smile:

For instance, a seller sells his gig for $10, and another seller who bought the gig re-sells it for $20. That means more money for Fiverr, that´s why. But if it´s okay for me to say something, don´t bother about people re-selling your works. It was done and paid anyway.

Thanks for the advice, will definitely be doing this!

See the attached.

Everything we sell on fiverr is under the terms that the copyright passes to the buyer.
Put in your profile your gigs and content is copyrighted. It might help.