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Fiverr is always canceling my gigs due to copyright - but i own the copyright! its my work!

Why is fiverr canceling my gigs due to image rights, when im the owner of the images? im the actual artist. its my own work, any ideas?



talk in the fiverr suport and explain them

It could be automated, if your work is showing elsewhere on the internet.


This. It’s just automatic friendly fire from the algorithm, kind of like when you do a cover so good YouTube strikes you for copyright thinking it’s the original song.

If you contact support, they will resolve the issue. Has already happened in the past.


Thanks for the replys, but how do i contact support? i cant see any contact details anywhere.

Here you go! Fiverr Customer Support

Please, follow the link to place a ticket.


thanks for that, support are asking for psd files of my 3d assets but psd files have nothing to do with 3D assets/models, do Fiverr actually know what they are doing?

They don’t properly take things like that into account. You could explain it to them. I think there’s a certain amount of types of source files they accept, which isn’t that good when you create it in software that doesn’t use those formats.You could ask them what source file types they accept and then if possible, render it in one of those formats and say that’s what you’ve done and upload it (it’s bad really as they won’t actually be the source file if it’s a 3d model). I assume they’ll then accept it, maybe especially if it’s rendered at a higher res than the version they can find online.

But if you explain things properly (eg. that the source file is a 3d model in _ format) as well as uploading the file type they want in high enough res it should be okay.

If you created the gig image in photoshop using renders from your 3d model and other things you could upload the psd file for that.

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they are asking for Illustrator:

AI file- Vector file, only accessible/editable in adobe illustrator
EPS- Vector file
INDD- vector file - handle multiple pages/ design layout

EPS/ TIFF -file formats, which Photoshop can also create and read
PSD/PSB-native file format in detail

all of which have nothing to do with game art. very strange, im sure other people must of had same problem as me. there is lotsgame art on here. thanks for reply though

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So as well as what I just added:

If you created the gig image in photoshop using renders from your 3d model and other things you could upload the psd file for that.

If your 3d software has the option to render in tiff format try rendering it in that (at high res) and saying you’ve rendered your original 3d source file as a .tiff and upload it.

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Try to be very clear in your explanations, tell them that your services have nothing to deal with design and you provide 3D stuff. I had the same issue and the support agent asked me to upload sources from my 3D program in order to redirect them to the appropriate team.


I gave them the fbx files, they didnt want them only psd, tiff etc which is weird. i will send again. thanks for your help

ill try and render in tiff format, i cant really see logic in this but ill give it ago, many thanks

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Fbx won’t work, you need the source project file from your software - .max, .blend etc., not the exported one. But anyway you have to convince the support agent first.