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Fiverr is an AWESOME idea...but


You can’t give people a tremendous opportunity, like this, and then sit on them. Holding people back and cutting them off from personal growth is for dictators and drug dealers. NOT for talent pools or business venues.

eBay used to be that way, years ago. They wanted people to ONLY conduct transactions through eBay. No personal interaction allowed, without violating the TOS. To expand and grow beyond eBay, one HAD to violate the terms of service - and to start a successful career on fiverr, one MUST violate fiverr’s terms of service, after which one is VERY unlikely to admit they ever even heard of fiverr when it COULD be that they would sing the praises of the platform that gave them their very first opportunity.

Fiverr needs to trust the thousand year old business philosophy - “If you encourage even ONE person grow beyond where they are and fly out of your nest, then ten equally good or even better beginners will line up to take their place.”.

This world has an endless pool of talent - some common, some fantastic and unknown and some brand new and untested. Fiverr could EASILY remain “fiverr” and STILL become the starting point for HUGE successes that would be proud to say that fiverr gave them that opportunity - Fiverr could be an internet God in a world that is bursting with millions of “perfect storms” of brand new talent that are just looking for a place to happen.

The only problem with fiverr is that it still thinks it is small and unimportant and must resort to tricks to get and keep users.

You are SO much bigger than that. The way you are currently conducting business is like Picasso selling his paintings in a K-Mart parking lot. You folks are WAY bigger than this! It is so far beneath you, that it’s INSANE! Your platform is spot on (aside from the “seniority” nonsense) and it is so simple and SO working that you could go on vacation for a year and return to a multi-billion dollar bidding war for the whole ball of wax!

Take my advice. Let people use you to succeed. It is 100% win/win. There is NO down side to it. ZERO! For every seller that flies away, there will be a vacuum, sucking in talent that doesn’t even KNOW it’s talent, yet - and from all corners of the globe!

All the work is done. ALL you have to do is open the cell block doors and let people participate freely and honestly. THAT is what made eBay the giant it is and THAT is why Amazon is still the giant IT is. It wasn’t the idea or the software, it was in giving EVERYONE a unique opportunity to become as successful as they want to be. Hope and resources. That’s what they offered.

That’s it. That is approximately $150,000 worth of consulting, boiled down to a single forum post. If you have any questions, ask.



Love your bio profile. :slight_smile:


Do you? Thanks - I’m trying to figure out a service to offer for a fiverr. LOL! Do you need anything “understood” and explained back to you in plain English?


That’s what I love doing, ROFL! Figuring things out and turning them into plain english. I’ve been “figuring out” the terms of service and have a crazy idea for how to conduct business, solely through fiverr. Actually, I guess I could just sell THAT - or I could just tell people without all the hassle of “selling” stuff, ROFL! I’m not a very good sales person…if consulting wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t do it. I’d do it for nothing, actually - but don’t tell anybody…shhhh…


There are too many legal ramifications to allow every one a free reign.



Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to “understand”.

The young or new don’t want it, the old and experienced don’t need it.

There’s just no demand for understanding.

Unfortunately too, there’s not a lot of "plain English’ here. Just read some of the topics!

How about a technical writing service?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Reply to @ricksper: That is exactly the mentality that has brought fiverr to this point - and I don’t mean that in a good way. They are big dogs that are thinking like little dogs and THAT is a HUGE risk - sort of like doing a “knock and run” at Chuck Norris’ house. You can’t act like a scared little kid when you’re breathing down everybody’s neck. It isn’t the scary-looking guy that’s gonna eat you. It’s the guy hanging in the wings, anonymously fanning the flames of every mistake you make and salivating at the idea of buying you out for pennies on the dollar! You’re better off to do what the facebook kid did, and tell everybody to go to hell while peeing your scaredy-pants. He pees his pants a LOT, screws up at every turn, and look at him. He STILL doesn’t understand how big he is! Google knows how big they are. eBay knows how big they are. Amazon…well…actually, Amazon thinks they’re even BIGGER than the huge monster they are, but they’re making history, so it’s okay. ROFL!!


Reply to @madmoo: ROFL!! I hear you. I actually like bad grammar and, especially, English as a second language folks, because their “mistakes” can make you think in new ways.

madmoo said: To be honest, I think it would have broken me if I'd stuck with it - I can't stand bad spelling and grammar and I think I'd have been in tears if I had to read it all day!

I kant stend badd speling eether.


Interesting. Why does it bother you? Exactly? Do you know? I mean, is it something specific?


Reply to @voiceoverwork: YOU, sir, are a NUT!! ROFL!!

igualada said: Interesting. Why does it bother you? Exactly? Do you know? I mean, is it something specific?

Can't speak for @madmoo... But poor spelling and bad grammar tweaks me a bit. Granted I'm a pretty good speller. I was taught at a very early age how to spell and how to sound words out. I was spelling and telling tales like a champ several years before I even started school. Strip away every thing else us humans have and all we're left with is our brains and our ability to communicate. Spelling, word choice and grammar is an important part of communication. It's just unfortunate that so many folks have such a loose grip on the basics of it.

I have two sons who were like 18 before they found out that Donut is not the correct spelling! :)


Love this post. So true. I’d love to chat with you about this… feel free to inbox me!


Interesting exchanges here :slight_smile:


Having been a performer since age 7… music, dancing, song writing. Later into radio, tv and voice over. The English language, spelling, word choices, synonyms, definitions, rhymes, story telling, have always held a high level of fascination for me.

During high school I read a dictionary twice. I’ve read several more and a thesaurus or two. I used to read cereal boxes as a kid!

My mom had an 8th grade education (common for girls back then), yet mom could write beautiful and eloquent letters, was an articulate joke and story teller and could work a room like nobody’s business. Amazing use of the language in spite of very little education.

Recently, over 9 years of teaching voice over performance at a local college, I’ve witnessed first hand, the basic lack of reading, writing, comprehension and interpretation skills in our society.

Right or wrong, people judge others by their language skills.

Best wishes to everyone! :slight_smile: