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I dont need help any more


Did you contact them here?

Write Fiverr another email?


Cancel the order. If the seller refuses, submit a ticket with the proof that you did what you could to Customer Support.


He told me to pay through PayPal because if i did that he would give it to me for 35 and not 50


So… you paid offsite?

You’ve broken the TOS of the site and don’t really have any recourse if that’s the case. You should report the buyer anyway for doing the same and take it up with PayPal. Likely results: you’ll both get banned or at least scolded, and eh, well, you won’t get your money back, as PP loves their tangible assets.


Paying offsite is strictly against Fiverr’s terms of service and this is why. I understand the allure of paying less money but you can now see the risk present. Whilst you saved $15 at the time, the work hasn’t been completed and you’re essentially $35 out of pocket with no protection from Fiverr.

I recommend going to customer support to report the seller, to avoid others falling into this trap. I am not sure what penalties (if any), you will receive for paying externally via PayPal. I imagine this depends on how the agreement went down.



Emma got it pretty spot on.

Essentially you have little options, because you have just entered the world of freelancing outside of a governing platform. This is usually more profitable for the freelancer, and can work out well when the client and freelancer meet outside of a platform that makes this thing a no no.

I’ve gotten stiffed by clients before. I now require half up front and half upon completion, as this works fairly well for both parties. You needed to have some sort of check/balance or guarantee of work done before you paid. This is what Fiverr manages for its buyers/sellers, and why it takes such a marge portion of the money paid by buyers.

But in any case it appears you paid ~$35 for an entire website, which is incredibly low for this sort of work. He probably needs time, because you are severely underpaying him. Have you tried communicating in a respectful manner?


It was before the new rules


Even before the new rules, paying outside of Fiverr was out of the question.


That’s a shame. I’ve never had that problem up until now. I have been successful with a more reputable seller off site.


How can i delete this post


Dude paying off site has been a no-no in the TOS for YEARS.

Gig’s can’t go over 30 days long and apparently you hired him 1-2 weeks ago, so there is no way you began this work years before today.



I dont know im new to fiverr and he told me that’s the only way he accepted


@koda123321 Fiverr has never allowed payment via direct PayPal. There are no new rules regarding payment of that nature.