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Fiverr is becoming Frustrating!

Fiverr is becoming more frustrating.

I joined fiverr some days ago as a new seller. I create the account and verified my account.

I created my gigs and immediately I publish my gigs, fiverr is just putting everything in review and it won’t appear in search

I have create more than 5 gigs, still, non is active!

The frustrating part is that I contacted fiverr on the issue. They didn’t provide a reasonable response and they marked the request as SOLVED.

What a very foolish thing to do. They did not respond and gave unhelpful message. And they marked the request as SOLVED.

Being a new seller here, I don’t just know what to do currently. Pls, experienced people on fiverr forum,

What do you think as the solution to this?


Patience is key.
Wait as the Fiverr algorithm gives opportunities to almost every one. Try ranking in keywords that have low compition and high demand. In a few months a top rated seller gig which is the first page might go to the 3rd or 4th page and new seller gig can replace it


Alright thank you, I really appreciate

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maybe there are reviewing your gig , wait patiently