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Fiverr is becoming unusable!

It is becoming extremely difficult to use Fiverr now with all your extra extreme security levels. Also, if you cant log in, Fiverr cannot be contacted in any way!

Is it fair to say that Fiverr now does not allow any use of its platform unless users register their IP address with Google and Cloudfront? Surely you can secure your site without forcing us to reveal ourselves to the Gorg?

Fiverr makes a lot of money from the business of manipulating Gorg search results and that is what a large ammount of gigs are on this site. But you insist we use Google to get access to these gigs. Google is your doorman and also the one we are all trying to manipulate.

Also, we now will regularly get logged out should we block Google tracking though your site.!

Why do that?? Has Fiverr been compromised in order to be allowed to keep offerring G gigs? I notice you have taken down most Facebook manipulation gigs. But not G’s, is that because they get to track us through your site and see what we buy? and watch what we do?

To me, this ruins the potential for this site. It is becoming unusable. Your competitors are looking good.

Will you reconsider your stance on forcing us to use G?

No idea what you’re talking about to be honest.

Could you please put it in simpler terms so thickies like me can understand what you’re saying?

Thanks in advance! :sunny:


Hi sunny thanks for getting back to me, Sorry to confuse, let me put it this way:

It is not possible to use Fiverr, to log in to your site, unless you go via Google Captcha and provide google with data they use to track users. This is not good for your SEO customers for example. In case that doesnt make sense, let me expand:

You use several google sites to protect your log in screen ( and if I remember rightly, and as well I think). If any of these sites are blocked by any security or anti tracking software that many online marketers use in order to not be tracked and followed by Google, then you cannot log in to Fiverr. To log in to fiverr we are forced to allow those Google sites to execute Javascript locally and presumably, to log our IPs, set cookies, who knows what else they are doing. You force us to hand Google our data when many of us are trying to with hold this valuable resource, some to try and manipulate Googles results and Google is trying to stop this as Im sure you know.

Many online marketers try to avoid being tracked by the big G, this is now not possible because you outsource your log in process to them and force us to use it.

Google receive a huge amount of data on specialist web marketers, SEO experts and blackhat types as well, all from your site. Yet you rely on these groups of people for your income. Can you see what I mean? Its very offputting. Many of your competitors dont force their users to hand over data to Google in order to use their sites. I though you should know about this.

Does that make sense? I am trying to say that your log in security that you outsource to Google, is not good for your SEO sellers or buyers and many other Gig category groups that you reply on too.

I have found that the SEO gigs on your site have lost a heck of a lot of value over the last year say. Now it seems that Google is wise to many of the SEO gigs that you sell. I have stopped buying them as they have no effect any more. I wonder how Google managed to do that? Perhaps they have some inside information on us? Oh wait… they do dont they? Lots of it on all of your Google gig sellers and marketers. Hmmm

Just something I thought Fiverr may not be aware of. Hopefully it might help


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Thank you for taking the time to explain it more fully! :smiley:

That;s ok, you are welcome. What do you think? I would like to hear Fiverrs response please :slight_smile:

It’s google tracking most of us anyway so there is no escaping it.

So far I haven’t noticed any bad consequences of using either this site or google and gmail.
I know my every move is recorded but that’s life on the internet.

You’ll need to ask Fiverr I’m afraid - we’re just buyers and sellers like you. :sunny:

If you believe that misscrystal then it is most certainly true, for you. Your belief makes this true.

There certainly are ways to escape it. But not is you use Fiverr it seems.

is there any way to contact Fiverr staff?

Here you go:

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For me, it’s more like: I’m becoming old enough to invest my time to Fiverr. I cannot give adequate time to manage my profile as I did! So I don’t see a reason to blame Fiverr. As a seller, getting the order is up to me. No one can help me like myself.