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Fiverr is canceling my orders with no reason worth $60


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If you had read the forum, you’d know that this is probably the result of a PayPal chargeback. The buyer likely went to PayPal, cancelled their payments through the Fiverr system, and got their money back. At the present time, Fiverr is unable to do anything about this, since it is a third-party chargeback. If the payment is cancelled through PayPal, Fiverr loses money too.

I guarantee you that Fiverr did not “cancel your orders with no reason”.


And now i have to pay for it? Like now i have $60 in total to pay to fiverr?
Is this a thing? All of my hard work of completing orders is not worth it now.


If you are concerned about this issue, contact Customer Support and ask them directly. We do not have access to your account, nor behind-the-scenes insight into the things that happen to your account. The only people that can definitively help you are at Customer Support.


Yes im concerned, because fiverr cancel orders without saying the reason. The system needs to change.


Then contact Customer Support. We cannot help you resolve this.


Thank you for the replies


I think you keep misunderstanding

”because fiverr cancel orders without saying the reason.”

As stated before, Fiverr didn’t cancel the order, it was a chargeback, Fiverr has no control over a chargeback yet.


Your buyer no longer has an account on Fiverr because if a buyer does a PayPal Charge back they lose their account. So @jonbaas and @gabrielavila96 are correct.


yup you were right fiverr need to make system for sellers through which funds that belongs to the seller are secure and if that’s true that fiverr also loss money when a buyer charge back, so than its a necessity for fiverr to make curtain changes in their polices