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Fiverr is changing

Fiverr has changed seriously, nothing is working fine again. I don’t even understand what’s going on. My gig was taken to the back last year November after my :id: verification. And up till now it’s still at the back. I have struggled to bring buyers from outside fiverr and completed more jobs, my account doesn’t move at all. It’s as if there is a barrier preventing it from moving forward. It only moves backward. It’s sad


Sadly enough it is very slow on improvements .

Well thats very unfortunate . A lot of Fiverr sellers have recently faced this problem I being one of them (thankfully it got resolved after contacting CS)

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I did not understand, I’m a new seller, so this might be confusing.

What do you mean by moving back? Like issues with the analytics? Gig not being found?

What happened to yours? And how was it resolved

All of a sudden, gigs are being thrown to the back.

Have you recently edited your gig details for some reason?

I have done that. Infact I have done the necessary things. Shared my gigs, brought customers to fiverr. I don’t know what to do again

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Editing the gig will send it back to the original state. This happened with so many sellers. Only thing to do is to start again. Check with Fiverr CS if they can do anything about it.

Start again?
I don’t get

Its like starting a new gig again. Only repeated clients will come to you cause they have purchased from you previously. once you gain momentum it will come back up again.

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I created new gig and nothing changed

I mean I added another gig

Citation, please?
From what I’ve read here in the forums, editing a gig puts it in a review/verification, but I’ve read nothing about it ‘resetting’.

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Still you should perform well to bring it back.

Its happens to me and it’s very difficult to move the gig again once it went to the last page.

I think its depends on the stats when as my onetime delivery went below 90% my gigs went to the last page and received orders only from the regular buyers and once i reached it above 90% only its slowly started to move.

Well I made a few changes in 3 of my gigs. At that time I had no idea if any changes means that you gigs have to be reviewed by the Fiverr team before they are shown in the search results again. I was really worried when I searched by gigs sometime in the search and was unable to find any of them . So contacted the Seller help center and attached few of the screenshots of how my gigs we out of sight in the search. After around 5 days, my issue was resolved relating to all the 3 gigs (I complained for all three gigs separately)

My stats are 100% and I have completed more orders and nothing changed

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How we’ll know that we’re in momentum period?

When you keep getting orders one by one.

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I am not talking about a new gig buddy. Remember how it all started when you placed your first gig? Did orders come pouring in. I don’t think so. It comes one by one. So its like that. Fiverr algorythm notices that you have made a change on your gig and it sends you back to the stone age.

Have you tried this? Cause I am one of them and it did not pan out well. Only a very handful of people have got the gig back to its original position. This is not my first account :slightly_smiling_face: If people can contact CS and fix it that sounds wonderful.

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