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Fiverr is connected to payoneer but amount is not being transfer

when i have activated my card and connected to fiverr then y i have not got amount being transfered

did you check your email for the verification of receiving payment ?

What is Payoneer please?

Can you answer these question

How much money you transfer?
Is you payoneer card already activated ?
you you click on the payment transfer option did your payment Figures disappeared near your user name ?

Its same like paypal :slight_smile:

When you select deposit to bank option it sends you an email with instruction where you sign up Payoneer. If you signed up and it is connected give it 3 days to verify it. Once it is verified yo will get an email. Then you can withdraw money. If you are outside U.S you need minimum 50$ Fiverr revenue to deposit.

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Use the Paypal this is best way :slight_smile:


Bro paypal is not available in pakistan :slight_smile:

Are the options disable or enable On Revenue Page? After you clicked on these options did you received any mail? are funds showing with your username?

How to transfer money what is the default method ?

Integrate your Paypal or Payoneer with fiverr.

Paypal does not allow us to receive money to Sri Lanka and i find Payoneer cheaper and much faster than PayPal. Payoneer deposit your revenue within half an hour maximum to your local bank.

please check your primary email address

No it’s not.

@osamaalikhan123 it takes two-three days to receive money in my account from Payoneer.

Dear all i did not attached my payoneer card and its also un-activated but my amount has disappeared from dashboard as showing withdrawn … What can i do please suggest. I just clicked on the Fiverr Revenue card option and email sent to me when i check email and click given URL then it leads me to my account and nothing more,. What happened with my account please suggest i am newer here… Thanks

Nowadays, its taking lot of time to get payments cleared via Payoneer and they are having lots of internal issues while clearing. and customer care is only having one answer it will take long time we are sorry for this!

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I had an issue several months ago with Payoneer and now switched to paypal only. I eventually complained as it took OVER A MONTH for my money to clear. Then ever since it is within a day and I notice they put a note on my clearances with my name, so they obviously took note of my complaint. I hope it works out for you. It’s very annoying as you have to wait long enough to get your money as it is, especially if freelancing is your only income… that month I had several late bills thanks to Payoneer’s incompetence. Good luck.

Paypal is much better and faster :slight_smile: and their customer support is too good :blush:

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I have the same issue, I linked my account through Payoneer in Pakistan MCB, its 20 days already passed but money is not transferred, I check with my bank they don’t have any clue about the transaction, but I have sent money through the normal transaction and it was in the bank in next day.

There is something wrong with Payoneer which they need to sort out, my money is held in between.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.