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Fiverr is counting a cancellation dated November 27 2017 in my stats. I can't believe it!

I was surprised to see that my completion rate was still at 97% whereas I have had 0 cancellation in the course of 60 days.
I sent a message to CS and the response is:

To further clarify, please note that all the stats measured for Level Evaluation are counted from the last 60 days and therefore they are susceptible to often changes. For example, a rating you received 60 days ago will no longer be counted in the stat tomorrow, as it will be more than 60 days old.

It seems that the following order FO**********46 has been cancelled in the last 60 days.

The order they are talking about is an order cancelled on November 2017 that means 6 months ago ! :scream:

I even left a message on this forum in February with the same Order ID !

It seems that there is a big bug in the cancellation rate and Fiverr should fix this issue.

Every seller should count by himself the cancellation rate in order to verify that it’s correct.

Mod Note: order number edited for security concern.


My last cancellation was on March 7.

Now, tell me:
Can you please give it 24 hours since the 60 days from the last cancellation are about to expire and let us know if the rating does not change after that.

But the 60 days period has already expired.
The period of 60 days was 7 march - 6 may.
They shouldn’t count this cancellation.

I really don’t understand how they count the number of days. Mystery!

I hope that sellers verify their completion rate as I do.


I am sorry to hear that :frowning: There are sometimes issues like that. My response rate went down suddenly although i replied all messages even spams within a few hours. Cs said me that this drop because of some messages i have received around 3 months ago. Even i replied them within a few minutes. However, no one could fix it. This month it went down again although i have replied all messages within a few hours. I do not care about that drops anymore as there is nothing to do :frowning:

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can you send
CS a screenshot of the cancellation with the date circled?

Apparently they have no way to correct it when it’s wrong.

I didn’t do that these days, but I send them this screenshot when I talked with them about the same order in february.

My completion rate is still 98% this morning. I will wait until the end of the day and will send them new screenshots regarding the 2 cancellations (November and May 7).

It’s incredible! If the stats were only used to help us I would say that it’s not important. But Fiverr uses these information to promote or demote sellers!

They can’t afford to use incorrect ratings!


I’m having too this problem… :frowning:

The stats algorithm is buggy. They seem to have some problem in SQL Statements.
It will take some time and many reports till devs have enough info to fix it.

I suggest, Don’t go deep inside of this…until you go below than 90%… Invest your time in other thing, Like : Delivery quality, your gig promotion and many etc… These kinds of bugs will always remain in the platform…no matter what that names… :wink:

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I agree with you. That’s not the most important thing on this platform. But, they are counting the cancellation forever, not for a 60 days period !
I really want them to correct my cancellation rate because I don’t know what will be the future. I don’t want to be demoted in 3 or 4 months because of a 89% rate instead of 90% because of a 9 months old cancellation!

They tell me very strange things.
First, they tell me that it’s an order cancelled in november. Then, they tell me that it’s an order cancelled in march (65 days ago). Then, they talk about the order cancelled in november but they tell me that it as been cancelled on April 18 !!
How the date of a cancellation could change ?!

I have already sent them a copy of the cancellations. It’s not difficult to see that there is a big problem. All these orders have been cancelled by CS.

Message received:

Thank you for contacting us and for bringing this to our attention. The fix has been implemented and please let us know if there no change within the next 48-72h.

I cross the fingers!
I have already contacted them in february regarding the same issue.


Please let us know what happened, thank you.

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Well, my situation is even worse! I received an order and the buyer never supplied the details I needed to successfully complete the order. I contacted him and never replied, he then left a 1 star review that made my rating go from 4.1 to 1.0!! I had all the evidence but still cs wouldn’t do anything to help me! I already withdrew all my earnings and personal balance and I’m closing my seller account. Like I told cs, I will not be part of a system that doesn’t perform a thorough investigation. They told me they take the buyer’s experience and comments very seriously. What about a seller’s? NOTHING!! Bye Fiverr!! I am making more with other freelancer site anyway and they really value their sellers!!