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Fiverr is Destroying my Eyesight and Patience

There is a lot of discussion at the moment concerning poor gig audio quality and other Fiverr bugs. However, I would really like to put the spotlight on the real health implications of Fiverr reducing the site font size.

When I first started freelancing, I quickly realized that doing so can be detrimental physically. My eyes started feeling tired and my elbow started aching from resting on a desk all day. Thankfully, I managed to mitigate both problems.

Right from the start, I invested in a larger laptop with a bigger screen. I started using apps like redshift to make working more comfortable on the eyes. And I started using a cushion under my elbow to prevent aching and tennis elbow from taking hold,

Since then I haven’t had any problems, That is until now with Fiver.

Whoever decided to reduce the font size and color of text in messages and custom offer windows is either a sadist, someone who has never used Fiverr, or both.

This morning, I had to send 2 x custom offers. In the process, I’ve found myself hunching closer and closer to my laptop screen, just to see what I am typing,

To make matters worse, custom offer windows now close as soon as you click outside the custom offer window. This never used to be the case. Now, though, it results in me setting up offers, then having to do so all over again. - And yes, this means hunching back over my laptop all over again to see what I am typing.

At first, I let the smaller font size pass as just another Fiverr quirk I will have to find a workaround. One potential way is to start using my tablet or phone to send messages and offers via the app. Or with a touchscreen, I could pinch and zoom in on text on the desktop site. However, I shouldn’t have to do this.

Causing eyestrain by forcing people who use the desktop site to hunch over screens is antithetical to the idea of Fiverr having any respect for the health of those who use its platform. In this case, I hope Fiverr comes to its senses in time to save mine.


They could also allow you to set the size of text in a preferences set-up or save the size you set it to on that screen.

To make matters worse, custom offer windows now close as soon as you click outside the custom offer window. This never used to be the case. Now, though, it results in me setting up offers, then having to do so all over again

You could also enter the text in some other editor and then paste it in if that would help but that would be an extra, more time consuming step.


I’ve had eye problems lately since this happened. I have terrible eyestrain now. I spray my eyes twice a day with something called Hypochlor because they hurt so much. I agree that it’s bad. I’m on a 13 inch laptop. Right now I have the text zoomed to 150%.


very frustrating…fiverr should do something bout this​:crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face:

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I can’t imagine why they made the type gray on the message system. It’s very hard to see.


I had no idea why fiverr UX/UI design kinda sucks all these years.
Ironically it’s a freelance platform who have tons of good UX/UI seller here.
Also, please give us the dark mode for web and mobile app.


I like that this is in Report a Bug, all those things - too small font size, relatively light grey! font colour on white plus too small font size, and the custom offer windows suddenly closing while you’re doing logical stuff like looking up what your gig says or prior conversation with a customer you’re about to send the custom offer to in another window - surely feel like Verschlimmbesserungen (weird German word with no direct counterpart, directly translated: makeworseimprovements) but bugs works too.


I have no idea what’s going on with the font size/color on this site recently. Body text is one thing but I’d also prefer for the headlines not to attack me. Everything just started to look off-balance at some point.

I legitimately thought it was a code glitch and they’ll fix it at some point to give it some semblance of a balanced look, but nope.

But, it always bears repeating: USING LIGHT GREY FOR THE FONTS DOESN’T MAKE YOU A GOOD DESIGNER. I thought it was established a decade ago. Like my former boss used to say, “Always assume your user is blind”.


I get the impression that Fiverr is trying to make the site super intuitive for mobile device users. On mobile devices, you can pinch and zoom easily. However, mobile devices are not productivity devices. End users of Fiverr on mobile devices are likely going to be buyers, whereas actual work still gets done by laptop and desktop users.

It’s time-consuming and still doesn’t help that there are several other fields to fill in. I have been copying text as I write so that I can paste messages again if I need to. I usually do because there are several other fields that still need to be filled in. It is all just needlessly frustrating.

Well, it wouldn’t really go well in site improvements. We already had the improved version of the UI. In this case, I have to assume that it is a bug which has scuppered things. Or, at least, having tiny invisible text is the result of a dev accidentally leaving things this way after testing new features.

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That’s the thing I struggle to wrap my head around the most. On the site that gets people banned for delivery glitches of any sort and appears to be discouraging “mishandling of custom offers” (whatever that means) the last thing I want is to use fiverr on mobile. Desktop + strong WiFi is the only way.


Or maybe they are using 32 inch monitors or have the colors set wrong on them.

I’ve also noticed a trend on things I buy, such as ingredients lists on food or instructions that come with products where the text is grey.

Site developers at one time had the idea that legibility was the only criteria. Now it’s more important to look like you are part of the current trends.

That’s what I have to do… especially when I have to write a long offer. Furthermore, you never know when the cursor jumps from the offer window to the background (thus typing somewhere else).

Take a look at this amazing “o” letter in Russian :sweat_smile::


YESSS the same question we have!

I thought that just happened to me. I have to give it up to three tries sometimes. I find that what I thought I was typing in the offer window appears in the regular window, or part of it does.


Very sad indeed@cyaxrex


yes i’m facing the same situation :neutral_face:


I wear yellow sunglasses that block blue light when I work on my computer. They are cheap to buy and my eyes thank me every day!


vickiespencer…thank you very much for that tip!


I see two kinds of yellow glasses. Some are barely yellow and others are a more dark yellow. Do you use the dark yellow ones? I read that the very pale slightly yellow ones don’t work to block blue light.

I understand these distort colors but if it will protect my eyes I will learn to live with that.

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i don’t know why but i like the font style or size. for me its not a problem. I’m a programmer and staring at codes since 2014 :slightly_smiling_face:

maybe that improved my (so called “eye-focus” ) :innocent: