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Fiverr is down! But why are they updating the site? What may be the possible changes?

Fiverr is down guys don’t know what is happening just saw this message popped on my screen, for an instance i thought my account is gone but i guess nooooo Fiverr maybe is updating something on their site…

Don’t know what it could be. Please do let us know if anyone do have any idea regarding this. And also am I the only one facing this issue coz i haven’t seen other guys posting this issue. So i am a bit concerned tooo…

What may be the possible changes, let’s all think together???

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dont know because its working fine on my end.

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Well, dont know TBH currently working fine for me too, but was not working at that time.
I was constantly tying to access my account was only shown with that message that we are currently down so i though it may be an issue…

Well it was an issue but i guess only for 10 mins… :sweat_smile: :joy:

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haha oh I see. :rofl: