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Fiverr is down now [Mod Note: Fiverr is slow for this OP, not down]

I am a level 1 seller on fiverr but from few day’s i can’t get more order’s like before
Is fiverr down now

what’s about your fiverring

Just because you are not receiving orders does not mean that “Fiverr is down”. Fiverr is just fine. You’re just not working hard enough to encourage your customers to order from you.


@jonbaas is correct.

Fiverr is dynamic market place. so you can get order is depend on your performance and your buyer review! so don’t blam fiverr if you not get order just stay tuned with fiverr and send buyer request!

Aww! I’m just back in the business after a long disappearance and you’re saying “Fiverr is down!” As Jon said, don’t worry about “Fiverr’s going down,” do what you need to do to get orders. GL :blush:


Nice to see you back Nayeem! :sunny:


Thank You! :heart_eyes: technically, I completed my graduation this week! Now, I can relax a bit. :smile:


Thank you now i will try hard to get order’s

Thank you i will be work hard to get order’s

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You need to hard work and share and send 10 offers daily in same time

fiverr is running smooth. You’ve to do some modifications and social media sharing into your gig. :slight_smile: