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Fiverr is down now

Without notice Fiverr down.
Are you having the same problem?


Yes, it’s down here too. It’s also affecting the app, meaning something is very wrong with their servers. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious. I hate the fact that the clock continues to tick when the site is down. :frowning:

Edit: Site is back up again!

Edit again: No, it’s not. :joy:

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Yes, I am having the same problem.

I am not able to access anything but the forum.

Yes. This time it’s effect app also.
Hope it will resolve soon.

This time it’s effect app also.
No worries it will be solved very soon.

Fiverr is working great for me!

@ssj1236 Long time no see! How have you been.

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Working fine over here (Canada).

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Hey Vickie, I’ve been doing fine worrying about orders, making decisions I really shouldn’t be making at my age, got a cat, and hopefully moving soon which I’m pretty stoked for!

How’ve things been on your end?

It’s fully okay to me.

Lol, that is nothing new for you! :wink:

Aw, they are wonderful company. :cat2:

Oh, a new place. That is exciting!

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