Fiverr Is Down!


now a days everyone on fiverr is blaming that they are not getting orders its all because Fiverr is giving orders just to top rated sellers… after new update to website anybody on fiverr is unhappy despite the top rated sellers… dear fiverr community please re-update the site with perfect setting so even the newbies can get orders


I think I may have helped you before with this:


Really? Do you have insider information? :smirk:


check out i had my gig on the first page but still i had no impression throughout the day


The stats aren’t in real time - they update once a day! :slight_smile:


Three people have their own stores. Owner A joined the market along time ago and built trust with his customers, owner B despite competition also built trust with some customers, owner C thinks the government is to blame because he isn’t getting as much customers as A and B. What owner C doesn’t know is that if he actually tried to market his own store and not fantasizing about A and B, maybe he would get and build trust with other customers.


I have also not getting orders about one week ago and my one gig is on First page of first line and i have got the orders on daily basis but now no orders:confused: please update once again so that average sellers and new also get the orders


You’re an SEO specialist - I’m sure you’ll work something out! :slight_smile:


offlinehelper do you mean me as a seo master?


Indeed I do - you offer fab gigs to get traffic for other people - use these techniques to get traffic for yourself! :slight_smile:


Recent Delivery about 2 hours

Does that mean that you’re a top rated seller?


but not getting much work as on daily basis


that was 1 order in whole fortnight


So, do something about it - put a video on YouTube, make it go viral, and send the traffic to your gigs - easy! That’s what your gig offers, so do it for yourself, instead of for a client.


This is the 7th topic you’ve posted where all you’ve done is moan.

Why not have a read of all the helpful stuff on the forum instead of complaining - please.


this topic is super helpful because everyone has the same problem and yeah i am not offering SEO services


Thanks for the tip i think this is not helpful how can i catch the clients through reddit


i don’t know how to make videos ?


No but @localseo_1 who chipped into the conversation offers them - he was mentioning a lack of orders as well.


Completely untrue.
There are many sellers who are doing well at the moment. I have never been busier and many sellers of all levels are reporting good things. There have always been complaints about rankings or no orders on the forum - going back 5-6 years - get over it. Make things happen for yourself.