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Fiverr Is Down!


Here’s what your gig says:
I will promote your you-tube video to 4 subreddit

You don’t have to have a video to promote something on Reddit do you? I’m sure you can promote other things, like your gigs possibly?


Problem solved - @mushtaqnaderi gets an order, and @localseo_1 gets a video he can promote! :slight_smile:

I can feel bromance in the air!


yeah you are right those many peoples are only top rated seller with due respect you are also wrong try reading other forum post you will understand more than30% of sellers are complaining


hahah we made it in forum site thats really funny to get an order in forum site instead of getting order from fiverr market place


Please replace your title. It is misleading.

I can understand your frustration because freelancing is hard at times. However, Fiverr is an open marketplace and EVERY gig will fluctuate. Whether you are a level 1 or Top rated seller.

Fiverr has a special place for newbies in the search engine called “newest arrivals.” Although anyone’s gigs can appear there, this is the space newbies get a chance.

Note that you’ve opened your account several months back, it takes lots of time and energy to receive orders.

Best of luck.


@mushtaqnaderi Its Okay. I know what you are going through. :relaxed: Though you found some advice harsh here, but its fine. Here is answer to your question. Read it thoroughly and your problems will be completely solved. Its MAGICAL, Trust me. :slight_smile:

You can Thank me later. :innocent:


;haha we have to grape the clients through this forum


lets start posting our job on the forum site instead of creating gigs ahhahahha
this post was helpful lets see what we can do further fiverr is really a good market place that gives us a chance to showcase our skills and get paid
thanks fiverr


Good stuff - glad it all ended well! :grinning:


finally you are in the air try keep balance or you will be fallen


thanks now we wont post replies on this post let it be there because some comments can halp readers


Ok, you won’t take my word for it so let me explain.
I read a HUUUUUGE amount of posts daily and have done so over the past 5-6 months - it is part of being a mod. I know there are many people complaining. I also know there are many people who are not complaining and there are many who are celebrating. THIS IS THE WAY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN!

There is only one first page with 48 positions and most categories have more than 5000 gigs. So in each category 4952 gigs are not on the first page… If everyone followed your method of complaining about it instead of doing something about it, there would be (8 x 8 x 4952) x 7 = 2.2 million posts about it on the forum.
Thankfully there isn’t. Thankfully most people try to make things happen for themselves rather than moan about it not being handed to them. The majority of the posts that do moan about it are those who had high positions for a long time and are finding the new reality difficult to cope with.


As a top rated seller I can assure you that the only way anyone can find most of my gigs is by clicking on top rated sellers and reviews and most don’t do that so your assertion that only top rated sellers get orders is not correct.


this was awesome reply try giving some tips because you read an i respect readers because they know more


He already did. He gave a ton of tips on the forum.


Unfortunately, that’s absolutely impossible.

“Perfect” is completely subjective. Of course new sellers would prefer a system where new sellers get more exposure, but with that system (after they’ve earned a level or two), they’d eventually start complaining and saying that new sellers get too much exposure. We would all like a system that benefits ourselves and our current status on the site, but that’s simply not how it works :slight_smile:

These days, it seems like they are taking a lot into account for ranking: account age, reviews, order volume, completion rate, delivery time, price, etc. etc. You can get ahead with patience and by doing good work.




can you please help that how to check on which page is my gig showing ?


try seraching the same keywords


yeah truly, i will readd my gigs and have a problem for a hour