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Fiverr is down?


When I click on a sale, it just says

Hi, please send me the following information to get started:

and the rest is blank, or it will take me to a page saying 502 getaway. I have a few gigs due in like, 1 hour.

What do I do ugh


i have the same problem


Same problem as well.


I also have the same problem. Can’t complete gigs due because of it.


I’m getting the same thing… even for completed orders. It would appear that all communication on the site is broken. I believe Fiverr is suffering from some major outages at the moment, and entire databases appear to be down.


I’m having problems too - I can’t see my notifications nor the buyer instructions for active orders…


I have like 4 1-day gig orders to send right now I am so screwed omg


All Notifications and messages are gone :frowning:


I can’t access my inbox. All the messages are gone.


I think they are doing some server maintenance.

Can’t see any messages either


I have 68 Unread Messages :frowning: How can I reply them now ? :frowning: hope they fix it soon :frowning: :((


Yes, same here. It’s tough when you have come to rely on these gigs and have a deadline. I have purchased almost 800 gigs and have had this happen twice before. It would be great if Fiverr would email us all when they are down. It is easy to have a data base of customers outside of Fiverr’s structure.



Reply to @advertiser_seo:

I doubt it’s server maintenance. The entire site was experiencing a 502 error earlier, and nothing was noted about major updates this evening/morning.


Yup, everything is gone… yesterday I tried to order a gig…

After entering all the details is page came saying "Uh…Oh, something went wrong"

I tried again and happend again…

after 1 hour I got msg from my bank that Paypal has deducted the process fees from your account… Even my order was not booked they charged me order processing fees twice…

And now everything is gone, notifications, messages… everything is reset…!!! :frowning:


It looks like all written communication, messages of any kind, are gone. Inbox is empty, notifications are empty, instructions are gone from orders, as are updates on order pages, for both open, delivered, and completed orders. Well…this is swell. Do you think it’s worth reaching out to buyers, or will those messages disappear, too?

Upside: If this isn’t fixed soon, some of us will get a spontaneous day off! (Okay, so not really an upside.)

Fiverr, could you at least tweet something about what’s going on–or better yet, send everyone, especially buyers with open orders, an email letting them know that the server is freaking out or something?


Same here too. It seems like a server maintenance.


O-M-G I must to deliver artworks for my client right now :((

Why Fiverr?? Why you do this with me :((


Same problem here, orders started with no info, also all messages in inbox dissapeared :o


Another one here. Hopefully they fix it soon.


Same problem here…Need to deliver so many in 1 hour… What to do? Team Fiverr, any updates?